Games Like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Some of us on this planet are natural born athletes. Whether you’re for a skateboard doing impressive tricks or snowboarding on treacherous terrains, if you find yourself skilled at either, you’ll enjoy nothing, however, the key sweet freedom of them sports. However, we are equally natural born gamers cost a lot annoying wrong with that. This would mean doing 360 degree turns and grinding rails would be a bit difficult handle. Luckily many of us including us as we have to manage simulated sports via PC or gaming consoles. Thus we loved the Tony Hawk games a huge amount of we settled upon doing 6 games Like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater list.

Similar Games to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Skate 3

Swirling after Skate 2, Skate 3 aims has the young skateboarder—your character—from the previous games being a legend. The skater’s skills have warranted much praise and admiration in Baltimore of San Vanellona. However, now able to Port Carverton University, the skater meets a whole new skater lifestyle as well as being shocked to start to see the changes. After having a failed get together to jump, the skater decides in becoming better consequently turn into skateboarder who’s a team. Pregnancy is to dispose of over 1 million boards combined with form a team which could become quite as legendary whilst you are.

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 revives the completive gameplay from the initial title suitable more recent environment. Players will choose over 13 widely recognized BMX riders—combined with some secret characters—to participate in numerous different modes just like Freeride, Session, Proquest, and Multiplayer. To enter a pseudo story mode, players will want to enter in the Proquest to do various stunts and goals earning them respect points and ways of advancing. Park Editor needs to be selected try some fine way to develop the BMX skate parks benefit using place stunt objects in numerous themed environments. Isn’t it time in becoming one of the largest BMX stars ever in this game like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater? Then modest to ride in Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2.

SSX Tricky

SSX Tricky is the sports titles less realistic simulators but thanks to it how many cool tricks you are able to perform is amazing on this snowboarding simulator. Players will choose an example of eight players—several are unlockable later—colliding with slopes. You’re aiming for big tricks and moves that would do you have flying throughout the air doing turns that defy gravity all while strengthening a trick meter to unleash additional visually amazing maneuvers. However, never let the wackiness of SSX Tricky keep you from getting invested, like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, SSX Tricky is all about tight controls and fun gameplay. Whilst it ebbs on the side of unrealistic SSX tricky might be more aligned through an arcade-like example of gameplay in accordance with quirky characters and visually impressive maps you’ll lose yourself within the experience quite quickly.

Jet Set Radio

In Tokyo-to, a whole new gang referred to as GGs are rising up led with a roller-skater by the name of Beat. The GGs are equally into the space gangs who aim to coat the streets in cool graffiti and tags to achieve dominance over areas. At many points, two new members join GGs who claim they have to take down the evil sinister conglomerate called Rokkaku who took over their sort of Tokyo-to. What’s worse is the fact that the Rokkaku CEO—Goji Rokkaku—aims to utilize a special summoning device which will summon a demon army to assist him to take on the world. Now GGs must save their city and everybody by turning water to roller skates and tagging.


Ever wanted to be aware what it felt like to be on dangerous mountains including the Alps or Denali? Enter the world of Steep and have the treacherous terrains of them legendary mountains. You may be skiing or snowboarding players can freely drop onto the slopes and ride down performing tricks to display their skill. Unlike most sports titles like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Steep allows the player to input a primary person viewpoint via an in-game GoPro to develop an excellent deeper a better standard of immersion than another gaming title. With 4 activities, numerous games modes and beautiful immersive graphics, Steep provide the thrilling excitement to a lifetime.

Shaun White Skateboarding

Your city is lacking color and life. Luckily you will find the technique for saving it through your skateboarding skills. Draw off sick tricks and various moves to make the folks reasons for wanting to exhibit their personal originality. You will be the only person this type of keeping your city from falling in a mute colored arena of bland existence. Ride skater and show your city what this indicates to become free! We end our 6 Games Like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater with Shaun White Skateboarding and honestly, this is heck from a title. Yes, we will never lie; the premise of Shaun White Skateboarding is ridiculous nonetheless the gameplay isn’t. Shaun White Skateboarding plays with an effective system that allows anyone to have the rush of performing grinds and Ollies without the need of issue and love that. Like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, players will create a personality and then try to show their skill by performing various tasks between laughable—in a superb way—to tough and challenging. Shaun White Skateboarding reminds us of any novice title but which means especially gamers can enjoy living from a skateboarder from a fictional setting. For anyone a hardcore fan belonging to the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater titles then you can easily fully recommend Shaun White Skateboarding to you?

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