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Once we step closer to the VR world of video gaming, we here at Just Alternative To noticed something rather sad. It appears as though as time progresses people forget a number of the games we’d that came near allowing us to feel VR before headsets and various gaming controllers and peripheral. What we are mentioning are games which used guns and we don’t mean real ones but guns that when shot towards a screen, would actually allow players to hit enemies and various targets. These games were known as light gun games and specifically one of the best was a string known as Time Crisis. This is exactly why to keep games like Time Crisis from fading into a gap no-one remembers, we decided to produce this 6 Games Like Time Crisis list.

Similar Game to Time Crisis

Virtua Cop

A robust crime syndicate named E.V.I.L. Inc has begun to spread the power and supremacy far and wide. One brave detective was able to find and gather evidence that could destroy the syndicate but was killed off. Luckily, his evidence reached just hands and thus actions started to take place. A unique task force with members like Michael Hardy and James Cools was designed to destroy E.V.I.L Inc. once and for all. However, their mission won’t be simple and how many enemies they face is going to be astronomical.

Vampire Night

Vampires have existed for quite some time in the world but a recent reappearance means their dark days have returned once more. Michel and Albert two vampire hunters enter France to discover a way of ending this resurgence of the horrible beasts. With special guns that hold special bullets that could destroy the vampire scourge, Michel and Albert set forth towards a big castle near a small village. In the process, the duo meets and saves a little girl named Caroline who now they have to protect from being devoured. The clock is ticking and the duo must get rid of the vampires and their minions before time runs out.

Resident Evil: Dead Aim

Many years following the Racoon City Incident, the Umbrella Corporation continues tinkering with various viruses in various locations. Among the locations can be an ocean liner—Spencer Rain—that Umbrella owns. However, a former person in the Umbrella named Morpheus D. Duvall has hijacked the ocean liner and with-it Umbrella’s infamous T-Virus. The US. The government takes notice of them and sends in U.S. Stratcom agent Bruce McGivern to prevent Duvall before his actions cause another possible Raccoon City elsewhere in the world. Alongside Fong Ling—who is a real estate agent for the Chinese Intelligence officer—Bruce must fight his way aboard a ship full of zombies and other various monstrosities.

Silent Scope

An awful incident has just occurred in the United States. The President and his family have already been taken the hostage! The terrorists responsible have begun to look for demands and when they aren’t met prior to the allotted time the terrorists intent on executing the family and President. You play as a sniper who is assisting law enforcement in stopping these vile terrorists. Your sniper skills are going to be put to the test as you must hurry against the clock and save the President as well as his family from any harm!

Ninja Assault

In feudal Japan, a battle has been raging for a relatively good time. Throughout the war, an evil Shogun leader named Kigai kidnapped Princess Koto. Kigai’s purpose was to use the princess as a sacrifice to resurrect himself. Two brave ninjas, Gunjo and Guren, wish to save their princess and thus, go into battle. Armed with powerful magic guns, both ninjas must battle against Kigai’s evil forces and various monster-like beings. The fate of this kingdom and possibly humanity lies on those two ninja’s shoulders.

The House of the Dead 2

Taking place several months following the horrible Curien Mansion Incident, the entire world has not ridden itself of zombies just yet. In Venice, Italy, a zombie outbreak has occurred. Agent G—one of the famous AMS agents who stopped Curien before—has gone missing and now the AMS team must send out other members to prevent this zombie outbreak. Thus, AMS agents Gary and James are posted alongside Amy and Harris to abandon the populous and stop the automaton threat. Though soon they learn Curien is yet again behind this outbreak and if the AMS don’t stop him, the entire world may soon fall into ruin.

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