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Theme Hospital

Theme Hospital is a Business Simulation by Electronic Arts in which the player needs to create an environment that attracts the patients with diseases and treat them while tending to needs. Theme Park is also has a dark sense of humor. The diseases include king complex, alien DNA, and Bloat Head. At the beginning of the game, the player can start with an empty hospital where the player must create rooms and hire staff such as Doctors, Nurses, and Receptionists etc. The player can also set up the items such as benches, plants and other things that require in normal hospitals. It has multiple levels and each level of the game offers more enjoyable gameplay of the last one. With excellent graphics and great mechanics. Theme Hospital is the best Business simulation as compared to the others same genres.

The Movie

The Movie is another Business Simulation similar game to Theme Hospital that is available to play on multiple platforms such as Windows and Mac. In this game, the player can take on the role of a Hollywood Mogul whose main objective is to create his own studios to make his own film. Complete his tutorial levels get into the game world where the player can hire staff, create various sorts and hire actors etc. After creating the complete movies it allows the player to release his movie in multiple cinemas in order to earn money.

Trailer Park Tycoon

Trailer Park Tycoon is a company simulation game for Windows. Trailer Park Tycoon puts the ball player in the shoes of a future trailer park owner. The player is tasked with building various trailers and amenities to attract people to their park. They’ll focus on five to eight basic trailers, each upgradable three times. Specialized trailers become available, catering to specific people. A trailer in the theme of an automobile, for instance, will attract garage workers, while a biker-themed trailer will attract bikers. The overall game has become out of print since its developers have gone out of business.


iAMFAM is a brilliant Dating, Life Simulation and Virtual World computer game that lets you decide how you want your daily life to be. The overall game encourages you to create your home, start a family, have children, raise pets and take excellent care of all people around you. iAMFAM lets you decide on and customize your family members, pursue your career in some of the given fields (Fashion, Computer, Finance, Arts etc.), earn money and spend it on the wellbeing of your household, take excellent care of them and your assets. iAMFAM also allows you to upgrade your own personal and family member characters by going on different quests and completing them, modify your living space (Buy furniture , accessories, pets, vehicles etc.), manage your resources by the utilization of better strategies and enjoy your daily life in a full world of possibilities and enjoy. iAMFAM offers super realistic visuals, great game-play and a lot of other cool things for you really to play and benefit from the game. Do try it out.

Transport Tycoon

Transport Tycoon (TT) was one of the earliest games in the business tycoon genre with a launch date of 1994. The success of TT triggered an expanded version a year later which also eventually made its way to mobile (Android and iOS) devices. The game has inspired countless tycoon games since and most notably an open source accept the overall game called OpenTTD. Gameplay is centered around building your individual transport empire with players in charge of everything that this entails. From crafting the train routes, building stations, selecting the kind of train and more. With careful decisions, you’ll manage to attract high costs for passengers and freight to reinvest in your rail empire which you’re given 100 years to perfect. Of course, with a casino game spanning century players will also have to fight with the costs and rewards of new innovations in technologies and consumer need if they hope to survive in the industry.

Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon is really a unique offering available simulation and management genre with an event that lets you lead your own gaming company from the golden age of arcade games and into the continuing future of gaming (while hopefully making some money by the way). With a tonne of elements to manage in each game, players can lead their tiny company to become to next gaming powerhouse or send it crumbling into ruins like many game developers of the past. Starting off slow in the 80s players works out of this garage to craft their first simple game. With some luck, players may find some early success permitting them to move into their own office environment and eventually recruiting a team to work on larger and more complex games. Maybe you’ll produce an AAA shooter or even a cult class simulation game or perhaps a bug filled open world game that provides down your company for good. Whichever path players end up traveling on the wealth of control ensures that the fate of your beloved gaming company is in your hands. The games like Game Dev Tycoon collected below provide a similar experience by putting you at the head of your own empire. In these games, you’ll get to create your own theme parks, railroads and other empires on a number of platforms.

Mall Tycoon

Mall Tycoon is just a Business Simulation and Single-player computer game produced by Holistic Design and published by Take-Two Interactive. It is the initial entry in the group of Mall Tycoon. The overall game lets you start the game from a clear land and create your personal Mall and decorate it. You have to create shops, build cinema for entertainment, customize and decorate with a lot of decorations, items, and accessories. Organize special events such as Film Awards, Fashion Shows, and manage your employees of Mall. The ball player collects rents from the shop, and spend it on the mall to make more shops, buildings, and structures. Attract more visitors and offers best facilities when compared with against rival malls. You have to complete quests and unlock new features and items use them in the game and become a mall tycoon. The overall game includes core features such as various Buildings, Structures, Shopping Malls, Clothes, Food and more. Give it a shot and you’ll surely enjoy it.

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