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The World Ends with You, often abbreviated as TWEWY, is just a Nintendo DS (and now mobile) game occur modern Shibuya, where Japanese street fashions, music, and lifestyles overlap with a dark story. You play the role of Neku, a sulky boy who finds out he really is dead, and against his wish has become an element of a game. Paired up with another dead girl, the fashionable Shiki, both must eliminate monsters called “Noise” using unique pins that act as weapons. Every day, they’re given a job or a riddle and have a limited period of time to complete it. If they can succeed, they’re promised the opportunity to be born again. And if they fail, their death becomes far more permanent.

Similar Games to The World End with You

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is just a Gameboy Advance title taking place between Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. It occurs immediately after the initial game and about a year before the next, letting you continue the story of Sora and his friends. Now, they’re stuck in the mysterious Castle Oblivion, filled with the characters that will later become referred to as Organisation XIII. You play as Sora as he revisits his memories from the initial game, time for lots of the same Disney and original Square Enix settings, but adhering to a different storyline in each. Sora needs to regain his memories and reach the top of the castle to defeat the castle’s master, Marluxia. Chain of Memories also has the unique choice to play as Sora’s friend Riku in the next story mode as he follows his own path through the castle and the story.

Before the Echo

Before the Echo is just a rhythm game for Xbox and the computer. You play as Ky, a child who wakes up in a strange tower unsure of what has happened to him or where he is. Suddenly, a strange female voice referred to as Naia informs Ky that the only way for him to flee and survive would be to climb the seven floors of the tower. Along the way, Ky faces monsters and criminals she must defeat to reach the top of the tower and to discover where he’s and what had happened to him. If he can live that long, that is.


Okami can be an older game about to be re-released for many different consoles. It tells the story of Amaterasu, a Shinto sun goddess who takes the shape of a bright wolf and she tries to save the land from darkness. You play as this wolf. The story is a combination of plenty of Japanese myths and folktales and is set in a classical Japanese world. Amaterasu is powered by “ink power,” which allows her to fight contrary to the darkness alongside her companion Issun. While he begins as merely an artist thinking about her special powers, eventually he serves as not just her guide but in addition her good friend. The overall game is filled with other characters from Japanese folklore as well that show up throughout the story.

Sigma Harmonics

Sigma Harmonics may be the story of Sigma Kurogami and his friend Neon Tsukiyumi. Sigma’s family has the unique role of guarding a clock that seals off a powerful demon. He also has the special ability of a “sound user,” meaning he may cause miracles using only his voice. When Sigma’s past is rewritten suddenly, his future also changes dramatically and his present life becomes chaotic. To attempt to set his past straight, Sigma and Neon travel back time using his family’s clock to fix complicated murders. Each murder they solve helps to fix the past and change the long run, unlocking more and more murders to tackle.

No More Heroes

No More Heroes is just a hack and slash adventure game developed for the Wii. You play because of the otaku Travis Touchdown, whose life is turned around completely when he wins an auction for a beam katana on the internet. While he spent the final little bit of his money and has nothing left to get new video gaming with, he assumes the offer to kill a mysterious figure named Helter Skelter for money. This throws him headfirst into an organization called the United Assassins Association. Travis sees it as a way to rise to the top and leave his life of poverty behind. And there is the added motivation when he stops killing other assassins, he will become the target himself! So it’s getting stronger or die, and Travis needs to step up to the plate.

Ryu ga Gotoku (Yakuza)

Ryu ga Gotoku, better known in the West as Yakuza, is a game series about, well, the Yakuza in Japan. In the first game, you play as Kazuma Kiryu, a person just released from the ten-year prison sentence he served for an offense he never committed. He is blamed for murdering a Yakuza boss who tried assault his fiancé, but the truth is was killed by his friend. In a decade, the planet had changed, and he discovers that the Tojo Syndicate (which he was expelled from during prison) has already established 10 billion yen stolen from them. Once the Syndicate begins to target an orphan girl named Haruka whom they believe can make them get the amount of money back, Kazuma takes it upon himself to protect her from them. He believes that Haruka is linked to his long-lost fiancé Yumi when she mentions she’d an aunt of the same name.

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