Games Like The Evil Within

The Evil Within game is another survival experience with horror elements. The main protagonist of the story is Sebastian Castellanos who is roaming through the terrific places and passes a number of nightmares in his life fight. The story of the Sebastian will soon be like the story of other characters in the games just like the Evil Within. Sebastian Castellanos fights with a selection of enemies by using weapons, guns and escaping from traps. The story starts when Sebastian and his friends Joseph Oda and Juli Kidman come before the Beacon Memorial Hospital. As they arrived, they found about criminal massacre happened in the hospital. As soon as later Sebastian was testifier of firing at the crime scene by KCPD officers. Soon, at the exact same host to crime scene appeared hooded man with the make an effort to kill Sebastian. A minute later, Sebastian will awake in a healthcare facility and escape out of this place. In these points of the story, the main character will move across the nightmare life and face monsters and dark world.

The Last Of Us

A typical theme for post-apocalyptic games is a zombie outbreak. However, imagine if, instead of an asteroid of hordes of zombies, the entire world as we all know it was taken to its knees by fungus that goes viral and infects massive population centers. As you guide a person and a young child thorough this world, you is likely to make choices that impact each of humanity.

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 takes the classic survival horror franchise to 3rd person intense, gory action. Step into the shoes of US Special Agent Leon S. Kennedy as he attempts to truly save the US President’s daughter in a scary village in Spain full of terrifying monsters.

Dying Light

Dying Light is a 1st person survival horror game that lets you explore a quarantined city full of infected. Make use of the game’s amazing parkour system to traverse the environmental surroundings at your personal pace. Fight your path using various weapons and tools, or combine parkour elements to your advantage in combat. Scavenge throughout the day and run from dangerous creatures in the night.

Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 is a 3rd person shooter that puts more give attention to the action than horror compared to its predecessors. It’s the very first game in the popular franchise to incorporate co-op gameplay, letting you play as agents Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar in a zombie-infested region of Africa.

Alan Wake

Alan Wake is a 3rd person horror game where you place yourself in the shoes of a fictional successful thriller novelist with a name just like the game’s title. Find out how Alan’s wife disappeared on a holiday in the fictional town Bright Falls in Washington as you fight the darkness with a torch and a gun.

Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 is a 3rd person action game combined with horror. It strays from the franchise’s survival horror roots to provide more action-packed gameplay. Featuring 4 different storylines from 4 popular characters in the Resident Evil universe, each story offers characters with their particular unique abilities and playstyles.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 is a survival horror game that goes back to its terrifying horror roots while switching to a 1st person perspective for an even more immersive experience. Play as Ethan Winters as he tries to reunite together with his wife Mia while confronting the terrifying Baker family in a frightening mansion.


From the exact same individuals who created the masterpiece that has been Amnesia: The Dark Descent, we get SOMA. This sci-fi horror game occurs far underneath the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, where a rogue AI has brought out an underwater research station, and you must solve the mystery of what happened to be able to escape.

Until Dawn

A small grouping of young adults journey to the Canadian mountains to a remote cabin, hoping to spend a quick vacation having a good time in the snowy forest. However, when their friends slowly commence going missing one by one, it quickly becomes clear that somebody, or something, does not want them there.

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