Games Like System Shock

Recently games like Alien Isolation taught players that deep space exploration is just a pretty dangerous idea. Yes, we get that the long run will have starships and faster than light transportation methods but that means we’re more than likely to locate other races that aren’t too happy around just appearing on the planet. Though if there is a game that taught us that aliens are indeed scary, that would be System Shock. This FPS exploration title made players explore ships crawling with dangerous threats and we loved every second of experiencing to battle against them. That’s why today we’re referring to 6 Games Like System Shock.

Similar Games to System Shock


Under the ocean lies Andrew Ryan’s dream in the proper execution of a spot referred to as Rapture. Here Ryan wished to create a utopia for folks who were tired of the land above and wanted an escape as a result all. Despite Ryan’s grandiose plans to make this dream city work things fell apart and spiraled out of control. Unfortunately for Jack, he’s planning to see the ruined ideals of Ryan very soon. Jack will enter a spot that had potential to be great but finished up being a hellish landscape filled with those that can’t be looked at human anymore.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

Each time a second nuclear devastation hits the already radiated Chernobyl, things spiral out of control. Creatures and humans that somehow survived the blast are becoming mutated beings referred to as STALKERS. Getting up amid the chaos you who is also one of these simple beings still have your mentality and haven’t truly turn into a STALKER. So you must journey into this desecrated land and seek out clues which have been left for your requirements to determine what your goal was here. Welcome to the newer version of Chernobyl in S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Deus Ex

Agent JC Denton has just recently completed his training to become full-fledged UNATCO Agent. Unluckily for JC, his wish is approximately ahead true when a huge mission requires his skills. A large shipment of vaccines to stop a dangerous virus has been hijacked by an as yet not known group. However, while this seems such as a simple case of stolen property JC is approximate to enter a war that’s hidden from the public and keeps growing larger with each pressing day. While the year 2052 should be a year of advancement and boon, it now seems like it may turn into a year of life-altering events.

Dishonored 2

Corvo Attano fifteen years back restored order to Dunwall thanks to his actions. With Emily Kaldwin—the daughter of the later Empress of Dunwall—now in power, Dunwall has faced a peace so it has never seen before. Despite Emily and Corvo have ready for Dunwell, they find themselves being known as crown killers when the killer appears and eliminates off those that oppose Emily. Then to make matters worse, during a celebration held for Emily’s late mother, Duke Luca Abele of Serkoos arrives and also a powerful witch and begins attacking those at the celebration. Now, you should elect to either play as Corvo or Emily to be able to fight against these invaders and restore order to the town once and for all.


Black Mesa was allowed to be put on the map thanks to their newest experiment planning to take place. New employee Gordon Freeman would have won awards and many accolades to be part of a truly momentous occasion. However, little did Gordon or the remaining staff at Black Mesa realize, their experiment was about to alter the world in a horrible way. Through the test run, Gordon and his colleagues end up opening a portal to a different world and unleashing an alien race upon Black Mesa. Now Gordon must somehow become a soldier and strive to escape the facility before he gets killed by the many beings from another world.

Dead Space

Taking place in the year 2508 humanity has begun to make use of giant ships just like the USG Ishimura to extract ore from various asteroids and planets in the universe. However, when a distress signal arises from the “planet-cracker” a group is sent in to gauge the situation. Engineer Isaac Clarke in addition to some other is sent to investigate but find something is terribly wrong inside the Ishimura. With the wide range of damage and bloody messages on the walls of the ship, it doesn’t take really miss Isaac’s team to encounter what caused the distress signal to go off…

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