Games Like Super Mario Bros.

Just say the name out loud. “Mario&rdquo ;.Is any name on the planet as immediately recognizable as a beloved game character? While fantastic games in their particular right, odds are whenever you say “Joel” or “Soap” your first thoughts don’t immediately visit Last of Us or Call of Duty. But Mario is one of those characters that are so intrinsically linked with his own gameplay, that you can’t help but associate it. The Mario Bros. franchise is quite possibly the largest on earth, selling over 500 million copies, with the platformer main series taking on a hearty 300 million of them on its own.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

We naturally couldn’t have a listing about games similar to Mario Bros. without also including Mario’s greatest rival! If you’ve somehow avoided the Sonic franchise every one of these years, you might find this more freeform way of level design refreshing. Mario games are a little bit more like enjoyable obstacle courses where a lot of fun creates from how each hazard is planned and defining the easiest way to method the situation. The famed Sonic speed, however, really originates from how a level flows so that you never have to avoid moving, similar as to it’s like when you’re driving and you change your route in order to avoid traffic. Even though it’s technically slower, it feels better because you’re at least always moving.


For a very different way of the platformer genre, here’s maybe the absolute most depressing one around. You play as a tiny child on the run from an unknown force, avoiding dangerous traps and generally just wanting to survive. It’s not just a pleasant game to view occasionally, with horribly brutal deaths awaiting any failure. And you’re likely to fail. It’s often the manner in which you determine the thing you need to do.


LittleBigPlanet often gets a bad rap if you are a bit too blatant of a Mario clone. This isn’t entirely fair. In the end, while Mario made the transition to 2.5D graphics (3D graphics, 2D gameplay), it’s never made use of its third dimension quite like LittleBigPlanet. Nevertheless, hardly any platformers allow you to hop on both the foreground and the background like Little Big Planet does. It adds an additional layer to the depth of the gameplay beyond just running and jumping.

Super Meat Boy

If the phrase “warp zone” doesn’t elicit immediate, boisterous glee, then you’ve clearly never played Super Meat Boy! It’s less of a franchise-building title and more of an unapologetic celebration of everything we love about platformers. Every unlockable stage is just a reference to the annals of the genre, whether it’s stumbling upon a warp zone, the game pretending it’s glitching out and opening up a buggy level, or enabling the alternate hard-mode gameplay of its already existing stages. Between that and finding all the collectibles, you’re likely to be spending a lot of time plumbing the depths of the game.

Rayman Legends

Anybody who found me in New Super Mario Bros’wildly chaotic co-op play will feel right aware of Rayman Legends. It’s about silly fun, watching friends and family inflate like balloons if they get hit by enemies, or slapping one another around just for the fun of it. The game reflects this, with more inflated animation and goofy set of pieces. It’s a game that absolutely refuses to take itself seriously, recalling an occasion when games were just supposed to be about fun.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Here is another Platforming that comes from Nintendo! It took years for Nintendo to finally revive the Donkey Kong Country franchise, but thankfully they managed it on the Wii, because otherwise, we wouldn’t have observed it come back again on the Wii U. Much like its predecessors, this can be a game that’s loaded with secrets, each stage harboring all sorts of well-hidden collectibles. It even makes use of its own perspective to cover items behind the scenery.

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