Games Like Suikoden

Suikoden is one of those games that is immediately loved once a new player finishes the game. We’re not only speaking about the initial game here, we’re speaking about the Suikoden series as a whole. The overall game has everything a JRPG fan looks for, it has an amazing plot, has a lot of unforgettable characters, has lots of quests to perform, and has exceptional worldbuilding. The Suikoden series is manufactured possible thanks to Yoshitaka Murayama who had been inspired to create a game based on the classical Chinese novel “Shui Hu Zhuan” (Suikoden in Japanese) by Shi Naian. The overall game basically centers around a hero who fights for a particular cause. On the way, the hero can recruit characters, represented by the 108 Stars of Destiny, that can help them inside their quests. Crystals called True Runes also play a huge area of the story, that may supply the hero or even a certain character a boost in abilities.

Radiata Stories

Being the son of the famous Radiata Knight that defeated the water dragon, Jack Russell embarks on a journey to resemble his father. Although he is accepted to be a Radiata Knight due to his heritage, his encounter with a lady named Ridley Silverlake changes his fate forever. Amidst the war between human and non-human beings, what side will Jack choose? Join Jack’s adventure as he finds allies that can help him in his colorful adventure.

Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross is dependant on an aesthetic novel “Radical Dreamers” and is the sequel to the well-known Chrono Trigger game. The story revolves around Serge who is suddenly thrown into an alternate universe where he is considered dead. To learn why anything is happening to him, he dates back and forth between worlds to be able to seek answers. Chrono Cross is just a game you will either love or hate depending on how much you view it as a sequel to Chrono Trigger. The same complements the Suikoden series, some fans may utterly hate some sequels of it, while others like it nevertheless. Overall, as a stand-alone game, they are equally nearly as good and amazing as their predecessors.

Skies of Arcadia

Skies of Arcadia follows the story of Vyse who is a member of the Blue Rogues, several “Robin Hood” air pirates. Everything changes for him when he saves a lovely lady named Fina who is one of many survivors of an old civilization. Vyse and his friends help Fina in her search of Moon Crystals to be able to stop the evil plans of the Valuan Empire.

Valkyria Chronicles

In the fictional continent of Europa, two superpowers, the East Europan Imperial Alliance and the Atlantic Federation have reached war. In the midst of this war is the neutral nation of Gallia, a location that is rich in Ragnite stones. Seeing their hometown getting attacked, ordinary citizens interact because of the army Gallian Militia.

The Last Remnant

Rush Skyes is a form young boy living a peaceful life on Eulam island. His world is turned upside down when he sees his sister, Irina, kidnapped right before his very eyes by a hooded man. Determined to find his sister, he leaves the island and fortunately meets David Nassau, who is ready to lend a hand. While Rush searches for his sister, he is taken in the midst of chaos between powerful kingdoms.

The SaGa Series

The SaGa series is just a spin-off of the Final Fantasy series. Although it’s only a spin-off, the SeGa series is exclusively different, since it focuses more on its non-linear gameplay. Being one of many oldest listed games in this information, the SaGa series will greatly remind you of Suikoden. Such as the Suikoden series, the SaGa series boasts an excellent storyline and a conventional turn-based system with only a little touch of their own.

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