Games Like StarCraft

If one were to simply say how popular StarCraft is now they would be carrying out a dishonor to the franchise. StarCraft’s strategy-like elements, impressive lore and epic gameplay have crafted—pun not intended—an income community of not just fans but even those who take this game to an even more competitive level. Blizzard—the creators of StarCraft—may have just wanted to make a fun and breathtaking game but their title did something different and even decades later is still not slowing down. This is exactly why in honor of the great game, we wanted to create an inventory that shows other titles just as groundbreaking and/or fun as StarCraft. Yes folks, we bring you—thanks to us only at Just Alternative To—a listing of 6 Games Like StarCraft.

Similar Games to StarCraft

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

Acting as a prequel to the first Warcraft titles, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos gives is a story never explored before. Taking place several years back, we see the Burning Legion and their plans of destruction. Thrall—an Orc leader—wakes up from his dream but realizes that it may be more of a notice than just a dream. Get yourself ready for the worst, Thrall will have to rally his warriors if they desire to survive a threat only he saw coming. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos begins the story we all know from the lore and gives players the chance of being a big part of the epic war’s origin.

Total War: Rome II

Total War: Rome II has players venturing across Europe to get control of its lands and territories. Whether on land or engaged in naval combat, players will feel what it’s like to possess control over one of many strongest forces in history. The Creative Assembly—developers for Total War: Rome II—aimed allowing players to see units as not only mindless warriors. Soldiers actually respond to several things such as changes in the surroundings and in moments like when an ally perishes on field. With over 100 factions to ally with and a strategy that explores the deep and rich historical concepts of Rome, players can expect a lengthy and deep campaign.

Civilization V

Let’s step away from the RTS element and give attention to a change based strategy game in the form of Civilization V. Players assume control of various nations and develop these nations from the ground up. Each turn, players must make crucial decisions for their nations. Maybe you ought to give attention to building more armies or exploring to locate new habitable land. Irrespective of your choice, Civilization V provides you with control to help make the ultimate nation and maybe even control the world.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 gives players an alternative solution look at World War II’s situation. Facing utter defeat from the Allied Nation, Soviet General Nikolai Krukov and Colonel Anatoly Cherdenko make a move that’ll hopefully change their fate. Both men acquire a period machine and alter history which often alters their fate but not necessarily for the better. Now the war has branched right into a new power rising—in this instance the Empire of the Rising Sun—causing a three-way battle to unfold. Who’ll win involving the Soviet Union, the Allies and the Empire? Choose a side in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.

Age of Empires II HD Edition

Enter the medieval fray in Age of Empires II HD Edition where players can select one of five campaigns focused on several warriors such as Joan of Arc or the deadly and fierce Genghis Khan. Each campaign centers on the story of the warrior while they lead their respective armies to fight with various others who they deem as threats. Build your armies via creating new resources and upgrading your income flow to locate success in this bloody war. Pick an army and prepare yourself for Age of Empires II HD Edition!

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II

Yet again enter the world of the Space Marines while they participate in a brand new threat. Our story begins focusing on Captain Davian Thule and his team as they’ve just once more drove away the Ork menace on Calderis. Following a large struggle and a rescue mission Davian learns of an Orc attack on two locations that is apparently planned out by another force. Arming up Davian and his group once more prepare for deadly combat making use of their seemingly lifelong enemy. However, this battle is likely to be one of many biggest ever faced in the annals of the Space Marines and it will need all their legendary skill to truly have a chance at survival.

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