Games Like Slender Man

Slender Man has to be one of the strangest success stories we at Just Alternative To have ever heard of. Based off an internet created horror story, Slender Man would then rise up in popularity quickly. Not merely has it’d several games released but filmmakers have tried their hands with it as well. Slender Man boils right down to a franchise that is both scary as well as intriguing. Obviously, you know where we’re going with your statements. That’s right it’s time to look at 6 Games Like Slender Man.

Similar Games to Slender Man


Miles Upshur has gotten a deal that apparently something horrible is going on at Mount Massive Asylum. Apparently, according to this anonymous source, patients of the asylum are being subjected to inhuman experimentations. Miles decides to head towards the Asylum well conscious of the possible dangers he faces upon arrival. However, Miles has no proven fact that the horrors in Mount Massive Asylum are significantly worse than what he could imagine. Now the entombed in the building, Miles cam somehow survive in a dangerous world which only knows madness.

Among the Sleep

A baby is haunted by what is apparently large tall creatures who lurk at night. Deciding to crawl out of his crib, the toddler alongside his Teddy Bear companion decide to explore his home for some method of escape. While the world for adults might be easy to explore, for this young boy barely able to walk, every door poses a puzzle. Can this toddler survive the horrors in his home? Discover in Among the Sleep, and venture into a story seen via a very different set of eyes.

Penumbra: Black Plague

Acting as a sequel to Penumbra: Overture, Penumbra: Black Plague has us yet again following a story of Philip. Contacting a friend, Philip explains he needs his friend to complete what he couldn’t do. We then shift back again to Philip waking up after having been knocked out in the earlier title. Philips battle against the enemies from before once against starts anew. However, obviously, Philip is destined to fail, what leads to this failure? Discover by playing Penumbra: Black Plague.

The Forest

Heading towards an unknown location, Eric Leblanc is traveling together with his son Timmy on an airplane. While the plane flies towards its destination suddenly it loses altitude and crashes into a strange island. Eric and his son are the fortunate few to survive and it looks like luck is on their side. However, the father and son’s luck ends abruptly when Timmy is abducted right facing Eric leaving the father with just one option, to look for his son. This island as Eric will soon learn isn’t normal and holds deadly creatures who want nothing more to kill him.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Fear doesn’t always need to be something you are able to simply explain. Daniel wakes up in the month of August 1893 with no memories of who he’s besides his name. Scanning his environment Daniel realizes he’s in a castle of some sorts. Deciding to explore in search of an escape and some clue to awakening his memories, Daniel soon realizes this castle holds not only methods to his missing past but in addition, holds a black being with an unknown intent. Why and what will be questions Daniel is likely to be asking, as well as the ballplayer controlling his fate in Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Slender: The Arrival

Kate continues to sink into madness. Everywhere Kate goes, she feels him near. Then without warning, Kate suddenly disappears. Lauren, Kate’s friend, wants to know what happened and decides to follow along with the trail of maddening clues in search of Kate. However, quickly Lauren will learn that Kate was far from losing her mind when Lauren’s search leads her towards the being known as Slender Man. Now Lauren has another mission, to somehow survive the night

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