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When most gamers think JRPG, they presume fantasy worlds filled with vibrant characters and or sci-fi rich tales of exploring new planets with a number of friends. However, the Shadow Heart series isn’t quite like this. While Shadow Hearts is definitely a dream based JRPG, there is one other concept that managed to get completely different: horror. That’s right folks, without a traditional notion of horror, Shadow Hearts was less about beautifully rich environments and more about dark and macabre themes where your team didn’t run out of magic to make use of but ran out of sanity because they continued to fight nightmarish creatures. Shadow Hearts’different gameplay style didn’t stop there as it utilized a slew of other ideas such as for instance making hits be based less on percentage and more on reflexes as you’d a sizable ring—titled suitably since the Judgment Ring—that forced players to essentially play a little game upon each attack to ensure they would do damage. Shadow Hearts was truly a JRPG that attempted to alter the idea of what JRPGs could look like.

Similar Game to Shadow Hearts


In the year 1898, a woman named Koudelka Iasant finds herself drawn to a location called Nemeton because of her psychic powers. Once a beautiful mansion, Nemeton is now an awful place with creatures and other monstrosities. Directly in the mansion, Koudelka must help others who are finding themselves within Nemeton survive all while determining why she was drawn to this hellish place. Though Koudelka and her party may in contrast to the answers which they arrive at because they learn the actual fate that’s been positioned on them. Enter the entire world of Koudelka and begin a journey of survival in a location that harbors both death and magic.

Skies of Arcadia

It’s time to get off the bottom and head into the skies in Skies of Arcadia for the Dreamcast and GameCube. Players will embark in a global referred to as Arcadia where civilization has found life above the clouds. Vyse—a 17-year-old pirate of the skies—is about to be on his biggest journey ever alongside his friend Aika and several others who’ll join his crew. Together Vyse and his team will discover ancient landscapes and find the treasure of both material value and of the heart. However, as several pirates will say, their journey won’t be easy and is going to be nervous with dangers from other pirates and a decent mystical force that could spell the end of-of humanity the same as in the past…

Wild Arms 3

Fantasy and the Wild West once again merge in Wild Arms 3. A group of warriors who fight using unique weapons called ARMS—led by Virginia Maxwell are about to be on a long adventure together. Their goals and missions may all differ but they’ll become united because they fight against various threats and enemies. What fate will befall Virginia and her crew? Find out in Wild Arms 3!

Resonance of Fate

In an alternate Earth setting, humanity is facing an apocalypse setting. Pollution has grown so vast on Earth that the environment has begun to suffer. Earth, which was once a wholesome and habitable planet, is now directly killing humans left and right. With few options left humans to develop a large purification system referred to as Basel and begin building a new life around it. However, the pollution begins to worsen and humans are forced higher and higher up the tower they have begun to build. It doesn’t take well before certain groups start to take advantage of living far above the pollution while other suffer near the base of the tower. Now a challenge begins between those in power and those who need to just abide by a life of freedom.

Lost Odyssey

100 years of life might seem like a lot however for Kaim, it is a drop in the bucket. Kaim has lived for 1000 years and continues living because of the blessing and curse to be an immortal being. However, Kaim hasn’t enjoyed a life of happiness as he is suffering from amnesia and struggles to know what lies in his future. Meanwhile, the entire world around is struggling with a strong magic entity that when left unchecked, can destroy the entire world Kaim knows. Grabbing his sword, Kaim will go forth on a journey of both self-discovery and an effective way to save others as well as himself. Though Kaim won’t go with this mission alone as he’ll meet friends and close companions that’ll also provide a way of unlocking his memories

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne

While visiting a tired teacher at a healthcare facility, an odd event referred to as the Conception overtakes the entire world and sends the residents of Tokyo right into a nightmarish sphere. Having survived an attack from the demon, our protagonist finds himself having to create a tough decision. If he wishes to own way of surviving then he must turn into a demi-fiend an assortment of a human and a demon combined. Going forth along with this new power, the now demi-fiend protagonist can try to save various friends from the Beginning’s horrible world and multiple threats all while possibly changing the landscape of not only Tokyo but the entire world through various actions and decisions. His senior school days attended to an end and a fresh life of suffering starts now…

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