Games Like RollerCoaster Tycoon

Rollercoaster tycoon has to be among my all-time favorite games ever. I’ve spent hours of my entire life perfecting my theme parks. Underground theme parks, rainy parks, wealthy parks, quiet parks, baby ride parks, roller coaster parks, parks with a lot of death, parks where people starve…you name it I have inked it. It’s such a fun game but you can find alternatives to enjoy. Games the same as rollercoaster tycoon are available and just waiting to be played so, let’s have a look at a few of my favorites!

  1. Zoo Tycoon

Obviously the very first on the list has to be zoo tycoon. You can buy the expansion pack for rollercoaster tycoon 3 and have this included but the overall game by itself is equally as fun. You build-up the animals shelters, import and export them. Feed them, keep them happy and even make certain they don’t escape. It is a big job looking after polar bears and lions all within 4 feet of each other, trust me.

  1. Big Pharma

Big pharma is an ideal tycoon game which allows you to run your own personal pharmaceutical company. You decide what to produce and what diseases to cure. Some medicines and cures earn a lot less or far more than others and the power is entirely in your hands. Contend with other pharmaceutical companies to be the best. Work the right path up from the underside to become the Florence nightingale of this generation… (Through video games of course).

  1. Game Dev Tycoon

Game dev tycoon lets you start your own personal gaming company emerge the 80’s. Grow your business from designing your own personal games and building yourself up in the gaming industry by growing your fans and your business. Start small but dream big. Be strategic, manage your cash and company well and excel in the hardest to crack industry in the world.Design your games how you wish to, decide the device they may be played on and launch them into the world and become the best.

  1. Sim City

Another among my absolute favorites. Sim city is a game you can enjoy all day and hours at a time a perhaps not get bored of. I find that sim city will be a lot simpler to play each day than Sims is. I’ve to be in the proper mood to play the Sims but SimCity is indeed alluring. You can create a city however you like. Big or small, polluted or wind-powered, education or skate parks, the decision is yours. You do everything a good mayor should do…or not. It’s just so much fun to play as you can do literally everything. There isn’t control of just one character as you do in the Sims, you’re in control of the complete wellbeing of the city!

  1. NoLimits 2

NoLimits is a rollercoaster game where it lets you build and create your own personal coasters utilizing the same software that actual coaster engineers use. Once you’ve built your custom ride, it’s simple to feel the real life authentic thrill of actually riding it. The number of choices are endless as you can cause whatever you want and in terms of your imagination will let you. There is no park management involved but building the world’s best roller coasters and then enjoying them is something such as no other.

  1. Thrillville

Build and ride your own personal creations, complete missions, play 34 mini-games and create some of the very most terrifying coasters out there. Earn money, communicate with your guests and customize almost anything. There’s also many different parks and scenarios to explore and it’s far more interactive than a lot of tycoon games. People thinks Thrillville video game to be on a par with exciting Roller Coaster Tycoon however that choice is yours!

  1. Train Fever

Train fever is a business simulation game where you manage and set up a transport company. Fulfill what is asked of you, such as for example building stations and updated trains and vehicles. Starting in 1850 so you do need certainly to work the right path up. Create a mega business by creating the most effective, hearing individuals and doing things correctly. Don’t come in at a loss and continue to keep your profits up. An incredible game for people who love business simulation and running successful businesses.

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