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Designer Shinji Mikami starts the development of a horror adventure game takes place in a haunted mansion. The game, on the basis of the notion of the famous Japanese horror movie Sweet Home and featured zombies, could have been developed in 3D polygonal graphics, namely a type of computer modeling technique from the late Eighties that grew notorious only in the Nineties because of games such as Virtua Racing and Super Mario 64. Before Shinji Mikami, 3D polygonal graphics had never been used to appreciate a horror game on PlayStation platform, so it’s only natural that the game became a winner soon following its release. To celebrate the success and to promote the game, It development company Capcom that had financed Mikami’s project invented the time “survival horror” by that all video games similar in content and style to Mikami’s creation continue to be defined nowadays. This masterwork that creates a part of the gaming industry is the most famous Biohazard, known in Western countries as Resident Evil that was suggested by Capcom USA during its English localization.

Similar Games to Resident Evil / Similar Games to Biohazard

Silent Hill

Once we discuss survival horror we can’t mention one of the most famous games of all times; that is Silent Hill. Created by the Team Silent on a notion of Keiichiro Toyama, Silent Hill follows the frightening experiences, Harry Mason, while dealing having an old townsperson. After his wife’s death, Harry is left alone with his adopted daughter Cheryl who worried on her behalf dad’s mental state begs him to take some days to relax in the resort town of Silent Hill, in Maine area. Unsure how to state “no” to his precious daughter, Harry decides to please her. As a result of car trouble, they arrive at Silent Hill through the night by way of a mountain trail, but things get even more difficult each time a girl suddenly appears in the midst of the road. In an attempt not going to her, Harry swerves his car and crashes into the medial side of the trail, knocking him unconscious. When he opens his eyes a few hours later, Cheryl has disappeared, so Harry has no other choice left than venture into Silent Hill in the hope he is able to rescue her. The sky is grey, all over Harry is fog-covered, and a strange white snow-like rain falls out endlessly; is there regarding the death of a girl Alessa Gillespie tragically killed in a residence fire seven years before?

Dino Crisis

Another step back again to yesteryear with Dino Crisis, dubbed by Capcom itself as owned by the sub-genre of “panic horror”.The game revolves across the adventure of a particular forces team, The Secret Operation Raid Team. The key character playable in the game is Regina, the codename of the only real female person in the entire game, who along with her comrades is assigned to infiltrate an investigation facility on Ibis Island. Their mission is to repatriate Edward Kirk, a power researcher working on a project of interest to nation’s government – Third Energy. Upon coming to the facility, S.O.R.T. finds out it is infested with time-displaced dinosaurs, so Regina must discover a way to escape there alive along with Kirk.

Dead Rising

Capcom really loves coming out games featuring zombies and Dead Rising was another among its greatest successes about an outbreak. Now, we will play the role of the freelance photographer Frank West, who is trying to find the scoop of a lifetime. Via helicopter, he enters the town of Willamette, a fictional city set in the state of Colorado, where he believes a riot is taking place. However, Frank soon realizes there’s something more than just a violent revolt going on; the town is, in reality, infested with zombies and Frank will have to learn the reality behind the outbreak before it is too late for him to escape the city.

Deadly Premonition

Very few games are terrifying whilst the psychological horror Deadly Premonition, which can be not exactly survival but it is still enough creepy to be just like Resident Evil. In Deadly Premonition, you play as Francis York Morgan, a particular agent from FBI who is provided for the town of Greenvale to investigate the mysterious death of Anna Graham who had been found crucified to a tree by two kids. York is a brilliant agent, but he suffers from a critical syndrome that makes him believe to have alter ego Zach and makes him have weird nightmares. While on his solution to Greenvale, York is attacked by mysterious creatures that appears like a mix between a zombie and a doll. Alone in the wood, York’s task will develop into a journey to hell.

The Last of Us

Post-apocalyptic America, in a dystopian future: The Last of Us takes place in the entire year 2033, 20 years after a fungal-based, brain-altering pandemic has spread and infected over 60% of the world’s population. The other 40% lives now in a state of panic and tension while officers try to help keep the situation under control. There’s no way to fix the disaster; not even the World Health Organization could supply a vaccine for the virus, and the U.S. government does away with the bureaucrats in power and the establishment of civilian government. The nation is converted into a police state under the control of the military, and cities are placed directly under the martial law over time, one by one. Survivors of the outbreak are assigned to designated quarantine zones which can be supposed to separate them from the infected and keep them safe. In this hopeless world, Joel, a harmful smuggler who lost his fascination with life and people, meets the fourteen-year-old Ellie who’ll change his life while he attempts on taking her out of that hell.

Psychobreak (The Evil Within)

No game could be appropriate than Psychobreak when searching for games that recall exactly the same horrific atmosphere in Resident Evil. Developed by Shinji Mikami, the inventor of Resident Evil Psych break is about the mass massacre which occurred in a mental school, known as the Beacon Mental Hospital. Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his partners are asked to go there and investigate the crime scene, and when they arrive to discover that there surely is no survivor left. Sebastian and the 2 officers decide to part and that is when he gets hit by way of a hooded man who knocks him unconscious. After opening his eyes, Sebastian finds himself in the basement of a medical facility where his worse nightmare will become true…

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