Games Like Ragnorak Online

Developer Gravity did something very exciting in 2002. This Korean studio released on the world Ragnarok Online an MMORPG that 15 years later, still continues being played. This amazing MMORPG would then release a sequel titled Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second as well as an anime series called Ragnarok the Animation. Thus it’s easy to express that Ragnarok Online was—and still is—an exceptionally popular and lucrative franchise. Now then that begs the question, what games are like Ragnarok Online?

Similar Games to Ragnarok Online

Guild Wars 2

250 years back, the Great Destroyer was bested by strong heroes in the world of Tyria. However, while peace must have reigned over the lands of Tyria, the world wasn’t so lucky. Five Elder Dragons who’d been asleep underground awakened and began bringing destruction to Tyria. The human race has begun to grow extinct because of all of the damage and the Charr race has advanced on the humans to take back their stolen lands from the now dwindling humans. Your job as a brand new adventurer would be to somehow revive a now disbanded group referred to as the Destiny’s Edge who is the sole expect to bring peace to the lands of Tyria.


On earth of Rift, the five elemental planes—Earth, Wind, Water, Life, Death—have each intermingled with one another. Each of the five planes has a dragon-like deity that governs the elemental force they’re assigned to. Separating the five planes is the land of Telara where all of the planes have already been kept separated until the five dragon-like deities decided to become listed on forces as the newly named Blood Storm. Despite their combined power those who lived on Telara could actually stop the Blood Storm and keep them from taking controls of all of the elemental powers. However, whilst the Blood Storm were all chained and locked the first choice who combined them—named Regulous—escaped and began to produce plans to greatly help the Blood Storm get freed. You play as Ascended, one of the more powerful warriors who destroy the Blood Storm originally from their attack and must prevent history from reiterating itself once more.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Have you ever desired to play online within the large world of Tamriel found in the Elder Scrolls franchise? Well, now you certainly can do exactly that in The Elder Scrolls Online. Happening 800 years before the events found in The Elder Scrolls Morrowind and Oblivion, players will enter a challenge for supremacy of Tamriel. Your creating faction will determine where your adventure begins and from there you will have to involve in various story quests and minor ones to level up and prepare to enter the war. With a sizable world to explore, The Elder Scrolls Online aims to be one of the biggest MMORPGs ever.


Mabinogi is really an MMORPG where players pick one of the several races and set forth in a sizable fantasy world. Going against the present day theme of all MMORPGs, those that play Mabinogi will find lots of freedom in their development of their character. Players are not locked into skills based on race or profession and can feely level up various skills via in-game AP. Players will find some sort of where real-life tasks—such as for example plowing fields or making clothing—can be carried out for various gains. If you’re ready to embark in some sort of where freedom of choice is basically the name of the overall game, then enter Mabinogi.


The land of Elrios came to be as a result of a strong gem named the El Stone. However, the powerful El Stone is stolen by some thieves and it’s as much as Elsword and allies to come back it. Dubbing this team as the El Search Party, new allies will join to boost the odds of success for Elsword. You happen to be one of these brilliant new allies yourself. Arm yourself and prepare to bring justice to those who have wronged the land of Elrios in Elsword.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

The planet of Hydaelyn is about to suffer when one race wishes to annihilate another. Hydaelyn has several races that co-exist in the world in numerous environments and with various lifestyles. However, the Garleans Empire wants more land and more power. Researching various magic, the Garleans have discovered an effective way to call down a tiny moon and intend on launching it at the beast race to wipe them off the planet completely. While various warriors and adventures have the ability to stop the Garleans assault, they can’t stop the moon named Dalamud but learn that the moon is obviously supposed to include a strong being referred to as Bahamut and now could be absolved to devastate the planet. Thus a powerful scholar named Louisoix Leveilleur uses a power to awaken chosen warriors in a brand new time to hopefully stop the threat from an alternative time.

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