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The Dreamcast was the final console Sega was noted for, and it absolutely was in front of its time when it first released! Sega may have lost the console war, but they actually had some amazing games. “Power Stone” was one particular game; you might even play whilst the massive end-game bosses in story mode! For many, “Power Stone” (and Power Stone 2) was the “Smash Bros” of the Dreamcast era; it even featured throwing things in the arena at opponents. Upon gathering three stones, players unleashed the “Power Stone” version of what’s arrived at being known as a “Smash Attack”; “Power Stone” came first, however, and is not forgotten! Another thing that separated “Power Stone” from a lot of fighters on the market was its utilization of depth in the arenas; sure, it absolutely was 3D, but the initial 3D depth added a level of fun most fighters even today don’t have!

Similar Games to Power Stone


“LASTFIGHT” is virtually a re-skin of the original “Power Stone”; you even collect 3 McGuffins that turn you into your super form. “LASTFIGHT” has a very short story mode, but if you’re buying modern-day “Power Stone” here it is! Everything is here from the 3D depth of the levels to the stones; which are re-skinned as cogs, ninja stars, and other things! However, while this is a good attempt at remaking “Power Stone”, its story falls on its face, because only 2 characters are playable in story mode (and this can be a fighter). Most individuals who buy this probably won’t care about the story though; 2 vs 2 fighting is back, and reminds many of Power Stone 2! Many of us at Just Alternative To absolutely loved “LASTFIGHT”, the 2 vs 2 play is nostalgic!

 Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

“Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite” isn’t really the exact same type of 3D fighter that “Power Stone” was, but it has a few things worth mentioning. First off, the colorful cast of characters, and flashy special effects in “MVC: I” certainly are a feast for the eyes; the exact same goes for “Power Stone”.From what most can see of “MVC: I”, you can utilize infinity stones in battle; you’ll find a familiar concept in “Power Stone”! Both games feature powerful stones that may be used to unleash massive attacks! “Power Stone” shares the exact same name as one of many Infinity Stones as well! “Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite” has the benefit of to be able to use well-known characters established by their brands making the demand rise due to their fighter; “Power Stone” has memorable characters too, but they’re just much less well known.

 Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers

“USFII: TFC” shares a sizable roster of characters, and even several characters players haven’t seen before! You’ll block special attacks, punches, kicks; then burn, electrify, “sonic boom”, and many other things to reach victory. You’ll fight to prove you’re the very best fighter there is, and on your own cause; like in “Power Stone”! This “Street Fighter” game is an updated version of a vintage, which may now be studied away from home along with your Switch! With the capability to go online; fighting on the streets in 2D has never been anywhere near this much fun!

 Super Smash Bros Wii U

Once upon a period, “Smash Bros” was made for the N64, and contained no “smash ball” abilities; it absolutely was a blank bone cross-over fighter! Nintendo has since evolved “SSB” into one of the greatest fighting games that exist, period. Some of the games had attempted an account, and many of them never did, but they’re all fun! Many people love to own fun, and “Super Smash Bros Wii U” is fun that’s pure and unfiltered (the good stuff)! The “Power Stone” games are like “SSB”; you can throw things, use weapons, get “rekt” by the stages themselves, and even pull off super abilities!

 Dragon Ball: Xenoverse

“DBX” is a very colorful and flashy game; just like “Power Stone”! History has been changed in the Dragon Ball universe, and it’s your responsibility to replace it! Create your character, and join iconic heroes like Goku and Trunks attempting to replace the timeline to normalcy! Like in “Power Stone 2” there are several players on the battlefield, and like in “Power Stone 2” there are amazingly large boss battles! It is also a 3D fighter and has a few moving stages reminiscent of the “Power Stone” games. Power Stone has a figure by the name of “Wang Tang” who looks suspiciously such as a Super Saiyan when he’s transformed by the stones; he even has a spirit bomb-like attack!

Injustice 2

“Injustice: Gods Among Us,” asks the question; “what can happen if Superman goes crazy?”; everyone now has their answer, and people are now actually well to the sequel, “Injustice 2”.DC makes a large comeback with the Injustice series, and features stages which have devastating dangers that may be triggered, and players can even throw things on a lawn; like in Power Stone! You can find even morphing stages in the form of transitions, which are usually brought about by someone falling through a floor or something similar. Both games have mastered the art of utilizing the very levels themselves as weapons!

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