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Hideo Kojima, in the gaming world, is known as a full-time income legend. With humble beginnings in the gaming world, Kojima would eventually have the ability to lend his mind to crafting video games. Before one of Kojima’s greatest creations—in Metal Gear Solid—Kojima would release a name called Policenauts, a visible novel adventure game that had players thrown into a sci-fi world filled up with space travel and detective-like concepts.

Even though it wasn’t officially released in the west, many people loved Kojima’s Policenauts that. There were numerous fansubs made allowing people to import it and relish it with English subtitles.

Similar Game to Policenauts


When a biological weapon released in the 1990s hit the atmosphere, 80% of the Eurasian population was wiped out. The areas hit by the results become unsuitable for human life, and the event is dubbed the Catastrophe. A half-decade later, the season is now 2047.

Japan has been invaded by bioroids who commence killing people and overpowering their spot in the populous and are dubbed Snatchers. This results in a group being developed called Anti-Snatchers, who must try to resolve what the Snatchers are and a means of stopping them. Control Gillian Seed, who works for the Anti-Snatchers task force J.U.N.K.E.R. and understand your past and relation with the Snatchers.

Steins; Gate

Okabe Rintaro, a self-proclaimed mad scientist, is approximate to produce something unique by complete accident, a literal time machine. However, unlike traditional time machines, this one uses a microwave oven and a cell phone to send texts to the past, thus changing the entire world line.

Okabe’s invention has given him the means of control time and altering it with only one click of a button on his cellphone. Though Okabe is approximate to find out that he wasn’t the first ever to try time travel, and his creation has garnered attention from the dreaded S.E.R.N. Worse, Okabe’s interference as time passes will cause horrible consequences that even he is not prepared for.

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Zoe Castillo is just a 20-year-old girl who has a story to tell. While her mortal body is in a coma, Zoe reclaims the events, ultimately causing her predicament. When Zoe’s boyfriend goes missing during an investigation of Project Alchera—a brainwashing conspiracy led by way of a Japanese toy company called WatiCorp—Zoe learns of their existing schemes already set forth in the form of several test subjects, one being a girl named Faith.

Zoe and Faith will eventually join forces as they attempt to show the entire world the real horrors of Project Alchera. However, those two girls will quickly realize that they are up against a mighty foe and a global that is anything but small.

Blade Runner

Based on the hit 1982 film, Blade Runner for the P.C. tells an alternative story than seen from the film. Players will take control of Ray Mccoy, who’s a rookie Blade Runner. Ray’s job is always to take down Replicants. Recently several animals have already been murdered—a horrible crime because of the undeniable fact that in 2019, all animals are nearly extinct—and the Blade Runners believe this to be achieved by a small grouping of Replicants.

Ray must investigate various people—some that are from the film—to see if he can track down where in actuality, the Replicants are hiding. However, Ray will quickly understand that in the season 2019, L.A. isn’t a kind destination for either Humans or Replicants.

Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

Junpei and eight others have found themselves in an awful nightmare. Kidnapped by way of a man calling himself Zero, these nine souls have already been thrown into a full-time income game of death aboard a sinking sea liner.

Zero tells the nine they’ve nine hours to discover a means of escape, which can be only possible by finding a door labeled nine. However, each of the rooms ultimately causing it are filled up with dangerous puzzles and deadly traps. Can Junpei and his new comrades survive the fatal Nonary Game?

The Silver Case

The High-Degree Murder Division—H.M.D.—really are a particular unit that investigates high-end murders in just a unique city that’s split into 24 Wards. H.M.D. is activated when Kamui Uehara—a past serial killer—is murdering various people.

Your team must see if they can find Kamui and determine if he’s the main one really behind these murders. Can your team stop the brutality that has fallen the 24 Wards? Discover in The Silver Case.

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