Games Like Perfect Dark

The Nintendo 64 was not only a revolutionary console for its time—mind you it premiered in 1996—it also had a massive library of games. While everyone understands of Super Mario 64 or StarFox 64, few forget that there is an added excellent title that graced the console. Perfect Dark which released on May 22nd, 2000 was easily one of the most profound and fun FPS titles hitting the Nintendo 64. However, there is a question we asked only at Just Alternative To, what other games shared the excellence that emanated from Perfect Dark? Well, we found our listing of games and that’s why we bring for you readers our 6 Games Like Perfect Dark.

Similar Games to Perfect Dark

GoldenEye 007

One year after the Nintendo 64 released, one of the most iconic FPS titles ever will be released by the name of GoldenEye 007. From exactly the same developers who’d later make Perfect Dark, GoldenEye 007 was set in the world of famous spy James Bond or Agent 007. Players would get to experience the epic combat and gadgets of the James Bond world through his eyes as they would fight various villains and enemies from the movie. With solid controls—for enough time, mind you—and great graphics it had been easy to see why GoldenEye 007 was one of the finest Nintendo 64 titles ever. Have you been ready Agent 007, the world needs saving and you’re the only person for the job in GoldenEye 007.

TimeSplitters 2

A battle is brewing between two large forces. On one hand, you have humanity and one other, an alien race known as TimeSplitters. While the season is 2401, the TimeSplitters can make use of a resource called Time Crystals to travel in time and alter various events. These altercations are causing profound effects in today’s year ultimately causing Earth becoming worse and worse as time goes on. The Earth sends out two space marines—Sergeant Cortez and Corporal Hart—to stop the aliens from their continued time altering plans. While they fail to stop them initially, Cortez can proceed through time and now has an effective way to stop the TimeSplitters from wreaking anymore havoc on enough time continuum.

Red Faction

The Year is 2075 and humans have now been venturing out into space searching for necessary minerals. The largest deposit of usable miners has been available on Mars leading Ultor Corporation to send workers to mine Mars for the Earth’s survival. However, Mars is a deadly land filled up with horrible work conditions and a peculiar plague that generally seems to kill off workers rapidly as time goes by. A new miner named Parker has just arrived on Mars hoping to make some funds and locate a new outlook on life but it won’t be long before Parker is associated with an uprising from people who feel their lives are being abused by the Ultor Corporation.


Gordon Freeman was assigned to just work at the prestigious Black Mesa to create something legendary. Donning a unique form of hazmat suit, Gordon is placed to utilize a specimen together with the Anti-Mass Spectrometer for an unprecedented new revelation. However, things go very astray when the device seems to start deteriorating and eventually ends up creating a portal to an alien world populated by creatures known as Xen. Now, Gordon must somehow fight through the overpopulated facility and learn what really happened through the experiment. Gordon Freeman was once merely a scientist however now must become something a lot more in Half-Life.

Deus Ex

The year is 2052 and JC Denton is a fresh agent who just completed his training to be always a UNATCO agent. However, immediately JC’s services are required whenever a shipment of vaccines to stop a deadly virus are stolen. As JC begins his mission he learns that this seemingly simple crime has some deeper routes that lead a much larger scale war going on behind the scenes of the world. While JC might not be fully prepared for the way that’s about that occurs, he must rely on himself skills and training to somehow help him succeed where others failed. JC’s globetrotting adventure begins in Deus Ex.

No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.’ s Way

Let’s end our list of another game with a lady protagonist that knows how exactly to take care of business. In No One Lives Forever 2, players assume the role of U.N.I.T.Y. agent Cate Archer as they’re going on another mission to truly save the world. The US and the Soviet Union are fighting for a tiny island named Khios that can be a truly strategic position for the one who runs it. Meanwhile, Cate’s mission brings her to Japan to stop a peculiar meeting of criminal minds. However, through the meeting, Cate is badly wounded by a ninja and is luckily saved by U.N.I.T.Y. saving her life. Cate would love to rest and recuperate fully but as she recovered tensions are now actually at a fever pitch and new moves are being made. It’s as much as Cate to stop people who wish to use the island of Khios for bad intentions.

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