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Ninja Gaiden was released in arcades across the entire world in the year 1988. It had been a beat-em-up game that has been enjoyable and garnered enough support to make its way onto consoles like the Gameboy and NES. It has continued to thrive over the years, with a pretty big jump in 2004 when Team Ninja, led by Tomonobu Itagaki, took control of the story and gameplay. It’s under their rule that Ninja Gaiden series continues, with the most recent in the series being Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, that has been released in 2014. Let’s get back to the start of the series though.

Similar Games to Ninja Gaiden


Shinobi follows living of a typical martial arts teacher, Jo-Musashi. He’s a wonderful, regular guy; except he’s not. Well, he’s nice, but he’s not regular. He is, in fact, a master ninja who has been called to duty in order to defend me against the Ring of Five, an international terrorist network that has kidnapped the youngsters of world leaders.

Shadow of the Ninja

Shadow of the Ninja takes the player into the future. We are set down in New York City while it is beneath the reign of a madman in the year 2029. Chaos rules the streets and it is our job, controlling 1 of 2 players, to infiltrate the stronghold of Emperor Garuda and to take him out.

Ninja Crusaders

Ninja Crusaders put us in some sort of that has been under attack by aliens. Systematically, the aliens have already been destroying Earth’s major cities, but a small resistance group of ninjas has banded together to save the planet. The group has decided to send two of its best ninja to get the alien threat for good.


Strider puts us into the year 2048, and the entire world is now quite the dystopian setting. In this world, there’s a force of high-tech, elite ninjas, called Striders, who’re employed for special operations. Your task because of the youngest Strider ever, Hiryu, is to defend me against the Russian government and retrieve enemy secrets. However, the further Hiryu makes his way into the mission, the harder his world becomes as everyone seems with an ulterior motive.

Double Dragon

Double Dragon follows the story of Billy and Jimmy Lee, who grew up on the streets and have honed their fighting styles through the rough lessons which were learned on the hard pavement. When Billy’s spouse, Marian, gets removed by a block gang, called the Black Warriors, Billy must put most of his prowess to the test.


The Castlevania series places us in the shoes of Simon Belmont, who is a descendant of a clan of vampire killers and plans to kill Count Dracula. In his mission to take action, he infiltrates Dracula’s castle where he’s beset by an endless number of ghosts, goblins, demons, werewolves, bats, and so much more.

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