Games Like Murdered: Soul Suspect

Games like Murdered: Soul Suspect is relatively rare and unique in the current gaming landscape. In this game, you play as a detective in the storied town of Salem, a town that’s a history steeped in magic and the occult. 1 day, you’re fast on the trail of a mystical the serial killer who has been ravaging town of Salem, and it looks like this can just be the day you have been waiting for. However, just once you storm a space to apprehend the killer, he gets the hop on you, pushing you out of an upper story window to your death on the street below. However, our brutish detective isn’t fated to find peace in death. Moments after he dies, he regains conciseness, not in his own body, but being an ethereal spirit. After fruitlessly trying to cram himself back into this failing body, then he embarks on a quest to truly save more lives and find closure in his death by exposing his killer and bringing him to justice. As you go along, you will have to use mediums, solve mysterious in order that other spirits may have closure and find rest, possess priests, and run from soul-hungry demons.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

In this stunning and beautiful game, you play as a Private detective hired to investigate the case of a lost boy named Ethan Carter, who has demonstrated to be incredibly hard to track down. You’ll track Ethan through eerie towns and dense forests, but what’ll you find once you finally catch as much as him?


The story is taking place in the Wyoming Wilderness in 1989. The main character is Henry whose role is to find smoke and protect the wildlife. The hero has permanent contact with Delilah who is the only real connection with Henry’s previous life. You have to produce some changes and decide about your future.

The Wolf Among Us

In a fairytale land, where every one of the characters we hear about in children’s tales goes to live together in what seemed to be harmony, an allergy of violent murders suddenly occur. You play as an identity familiar to many, the Big Bad Wolf, who acts as the detective on the murder case.

Heavy Rain

In this film noir thriller game, you will seize control of four different characters, who’re all tied in some way to the mysterious Origami Killer. The lives of the four individuals are in your hands, and your actions as one can cause fatal consequences for the others.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy

Indigo Prophecy, or Fahrenheit, is hailed by many as a breakthrough in interactive storytelling, and it is obvious why. IN this particular game, you seize control of one of the several characters at the time, and each choice you make gets the potential to impact one or all of them further on in the story.

Life is Strange

In Life is Strange, you play as your average teen who was picked by unknown forces to have an extraordinary gift. The main character in Life is Strange can reverse time, allowing her to reverse her decisions as she navigates high school life, and attempts to truly save her town from an impending disaster.

The Evil Within

In this horror game published by Bethesda, you play as a detective who grows a call to see a wild insane asylum. When you arrive on the scene, you find it is not entirely abandoned, and your world everybody knows it becomes a dark place, inhabited by terrifying creatures.


In Oxenfree, you play as Alex, a young boy who is the section of a small grouping of friends who have the misfortune of accidentally opening a rift to the ghost world when you party. This game is the maximum amount of a teen drama since it is really a supernatural thriller.

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