Games Like Metro 2033 – Top Best Survival Titles You Should Play

Stop searching Games Like Metro 2033, as we bring you an exquisite list of similar gameplay and lots of fabulous titles, along with prominent features.

Are you ready to find yourself between the ruins of Moscow? If yes, get ready to explore a thrilling world following a nuclear war, where remaining people were pushed to live in underground tunnels. The most favorite protagonist, Artyom, is struggling to save his stranded home station from the vicious dangers lurking within the Tunnel.

Playing first-person shooter games isn’t a cup of cake, and something it needs something more than shooting skills like courage, guts, and more. Along the journey, you encounter not only human but also enemies, who can be taken on using a series of firearms. Alternatively, you could use stealth aspects to sabotage or kill enemies silently.

Why Similar Games to Metro 2033?

You can’t eat the same food for many days; similarly, you can’t play the same game – it’s in human nature. Majority of players are looking for Games Like Metro 2033, because the reach to its end, while some are expecting to experience the same feeling on other titles. Therefore, we figured and compiled a list of Best Metro 2033 Alternatives for you to grab and enjoy.


A series of FPS mixed horror video games are ready to replace Metro 2033, in case you are searching for Similar Games to Metro 2033 for PC. It doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of Survival game or FPS, the game brings all popular genres, including Adventure within a single pack.

Like Metro, it takes you to the area fully covered by the Chernobyl disaster site, known as the Zone. It acts as an alternative reality where the massive explosion appears at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant right a bit later the first and brings a lot of destruction to the land.


No worries, Justlaternativeto is bringing the best Games Like of your favorite titles. Back to the topic, Singularity took the 2nd position in the list because of offering the same feeling and genres as the Metro 2033 has to offer.

Unlike Metro and STALKER, Singularity has both Single and Multiplayer modes to offer. Besides that, it mixes FPS with Horror-Survival genres to give you thrilling gameplay experience which seems similar to the said games.

Fallout 3

With Post-apocalyptic, Survival, and FPS game elements, Fallout 3 has successfully made its place in the list of Metro 2033 Games Like. The third massive release in the Fallout game series, bring you closer to the post-apocalyptic land where endless challenges await you to puzzle your mind and to test your survival skills.

Unlike the said games, it makes a few additions like RPG and Open World environment that encompasses a massive scale land containing the ruins of Washington, D.C.  Two types of viewpoints you can use when playing the game like Over-the-shoulder and First-person viewpoint.


Although DayZ isn’t a proper Game like Metro 2033, still it would be a great choice to grab and play because of its Survival and FPS game aspects. Unlike Metro, it features only a Multiplayer component pitting a team of characters on a thrilling journey for completion of challenging tasks.

Bohemia Interactive brings a standalone successor of the mod of the same name and following early access of the game for over 5 years in December 2018. Dive in the fictional post-soviet Republic of Chernarus, where a mysterious plague has wiped out and turned most of the human into zombies.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

The last title in the list encourages you to start killing enemies using a first-person perspective. Only Single-player mode is featured, and it is considered the 7th entry in the series of Wolfenstein.

Take you to an alternate history of Europe where the Nazi conquered battlefield of the WWII. The storyline keeps following the protagonist William Blazkowicz and his struggle of fending off the Nazis from destroying the world to rule over it.

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