Games Like Medal of Honor

The various world wars humans experienced to endure have been thrown into numerous game titles for quite some time. You’ve seen the most popular Call of Duty franchise along with the Battlefield series craft numerous world war based titles going back few decades. However, many people don’t remember among our favorite franchises called Medal of Honor. This first-person shooter series first debuted in 1999 and has since released quite a few entries that are quite enjoyable. This is exactly why we only at Just Alternative To knew we needed to exhibit some love to the Medal of Honor series in the certain form. Thus today we’re looking at 6 Games Like Medal of Honor.

Similar Games to Medal of Honor

Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway

Yet again we step into the shoes of the 101st Airborne Division—502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment) in Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway. Staff Sergeant Matt Baker—a returning character from the prior titles—yet again faces a brand new threat in the form of Operation Market Garden. With enemies breathing down their neck and an operation that may push them into enemy territory, Staff Sergeant Matt Baker must lead his men or have them fail and thus fail the war. War is approximate to obtain much more real in Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway.

Games Like Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway

Battlefield 1

Prepare to see The Great War of 1918 in Battlefield 1. Following many different soldiers, because they fought in various battles, players will discover the war through the eyes of pilots, tank operators and soldiers alike. If everything you seek is Battlefield’s excellent multiplayer experience than you’ll thoroughly enjoy the most recent multiplayer set up from EA DICE. With improved visuals and FPS mechanics, Battlefield 1 has truly crafted a fantastic new entry in the long-running Battlefield franchise. Enter Battlefield 1 to witness a truly remarkable tale of what brave souls had to endure during World War I.

Games Like Battlefield 1

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an on the web multiplayer focused FPS title. Players are going to be thrown into different game modes with the way of taking down their opponents and or winning set objectives. Each game starts by splitting players into two teams the terrorists and anti-terrorists and from there, players must choose their loadout. Pick your weapons and armor wisely and head into combat locked and loaded for an all-out battle. Prepare to put your FPS skills to the ultimate test in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Games Like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


ARMA 3 drops players into a future war landscape set during the entire year 2030. After a large scale battle took to put on two Mediterranean islands—in this instance Altis and Stratis—half the populace has been wiped out and many are becoming homeless. NATO establishes a way of securing peace between the 2 warring islands. Many years later when NATO begins to feel pushed to cut back their numbers, tensions rise up once again ultimately causing a possible new war. This cause NATO’s Task Force Aegis to be initiated with soldiers like US Army Corporal Ben Kerry to be called to prepare for an all too possible future war…

Games Like ARMA 3


Homefront takes place in an alternative future of the United States. In 2010, North Korea and other global powers began having high tensions between one another and it only escalated in 2013 after North Korea and South Korea joined together upon the death of Kim Jong-il. Now called the GKR—Greater Korean Republic—they have turn into a new superpower in the world, especially when various world events cause various power declines such as for instance increase Gas prices and social unrest in the USA. Then in 2025 The United States of America is attacked by the GKR using their new allies and all too powerful army. Couple of years have passed since the start of the losing war for America and now it’s as much as resistances all around the United States to ban together and aspire to fight the GKR.

Games Like Homefront

Call of Duty: World at War

American Marine Private C. Miller has been captured and watches in horror as his comrades are killed facing him. In the same way, C. Miller is approximate to face the same fate he’s rescued by two allies who save him from his almost deadly fate. Now alongside a brand new squad, C. Miller will have to arm up and help remove the Japanese Army before it’s too late. C. Miller might have survived one fight but he’s planning to be thrown into another in Call of Duty: World at War.

Games Like Call of Duty: World at War

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