Games Like Mario Tennis

Our Italian plumber turned hero has been in a lot of video games in the Nintendo lifespan. Besides being in the most obvious platformers he’s experienced fighting games and even some RPGs. Mario Tennis must be one of Mario’s more famous gaming titles seeing as how it’s both a Mario inspired game as well as a great sports title. We at Just Alternative To love Mario Tennis so much that if a couple of dozen matches made a decision to sit back and consider games that have been just as fun as Mario Tennis. Listed here is our 6 Games like Mario Tennis recommendations list.

Similar Games to Mario Tennis

Virtua Tennis 3

The Virtua Tennis series returns in Virtua Tennis 3. Players can get to have the fantastic arcade feel of the Virtua Tennis series but with new bells and whistles making Virtua Tennis 3 one of the finest sequels to the series. Enter World Tour mode to go from the underside and work your method to Rank 1. Players may also enjoy tournament mode to see if they are able to win 5 matches in a line against various opponents on different courts. Tired of single player? Hop online to challenge others and see who the actual master of Virtua Tennis 3 is.

Wii Sports

Wii Sports is really a game fun for all ages. Players can get to utilize Wii motion controls to play one of the several sports such as Tennis and Bowling to call a few. Play with friends and family for hours of fun. What’s better still is your Mii characters can interact on the fun since they are the characters you will be controlling. Wii sports is easily a game title you may wish to own when you yourself have a Nintendo Wii.

Hot Shots Tennis

Creator Clap Hanz is known for their incredible golf series known as Hot Shots Golf. Well, now the team has created a brand new sports game in the proper execution of Hot Shots Tennis. Players can have a very silly tennis title similar to the Hot Shots Golf series. Play solo in as much as several modes or play against friends in 1-4 player multiplayer. Hot Shots Tennis keeps the fantastic animation and art style known from the Hot Shots Golf franchise and that will appeal to fans greatly. If you’re trying to find an arcade style tennis game, you then don’t need to appear further than Hot Shots Tennis.

Top Spin 4

Top Spin is back with another great entry in the series in the proper execution of Top Spin 4. Tennis fans can enjoy playing as their actual life professionals such as Andre Agassi and Andy Murray. As much as 25 professionals can be chosen and as a whole Top Spin 4 has as much as 39 courts to play on. Top Spin 4 on the PS3 can be enjoyed the PlayStation Move for even more immersion as you swing the controller and feel as if you’re an expert on the courts. Top Spin 4 is an incredible entry in the series because of tighter controls and even more reasons to play.

Grand Slam Tennis

The Nintendo Wii has a slew of sports-related titles. However, hardly any are just like Grand Slam Tennis. Players can have a solid tennis title because of the motion controls from the Wii and use the Wii MotionPlus adds even more control. You can pick from as much as 23 professional players as well as some retired legends such as Boris Becker, Pat Cash, and Martina Navratilova. Grand Slam Tennis also provides you with a player customization to allow you the feeling of seeing your own character win from the pros. With several modes of play, Grand Slam Tennis is vital to own for many who love an excellent sports game.

Sega Superstars Tennis

Ever wonder who is the higher tennis player in the Sega world? Well now, you can answer that because of Sega Superstars Tennis. Players can choose multiple characters from the Sega franchise including Dr. Robotnik or Ulala from Space Channel 5. Play solo from the computer or with friends to see who the tennis player is. It’s time for a great mix up of legendary Sega characters in Sega Superstars Tennis!

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