Games Like Little Nightmare

Imagine you’re walking through a large room twice your size. The sole tool you’ve is really a meager form of light from a flick lighter. As you walk through the room, you hear a noise and before your eyes lies a huge creature 3 times your size. This is the world of Little Nightmares and it creates a horror game that aims at keeping players lost and feeling defenseless. Games like Little Nightmares excite us only at Just Alternative To and we wanted to talk about games we felt mirrored the excellence of Little Nightmares. Welcome one and all to the 6 Games Like Little Nightmares list.

Similar Game to Little Nightmares


A new boy wakes up alone in a dark forest that is apparently without whatever else but him. As he goes forth, the boy remembers he was there looking for someone…his sister. While for a short moment the boy spots his sister, she runs away and the boy chases her only to reduce her. Now alone once again, the boy must venture deeper into the dark forest without life. However, maybe the forest as empty and desolate while the boy thinks it is?


Didi has lived a life of dreaming of different worlds and people. Didi finds this lifestyle more pleasurable than her current the one that is gloomy and not eventful. Certainly one of Didi’s friends named Dawn—who only appears before her when Didi is alone—goes on adventures with her and two find each adventure more exciting than the next. However, Dawn knows that while Didi might enjoy these adventures, her family life is broken and must be mended. That’s why Dawn sets off on her very own adventure hoping of restoring Didi’s family once and for all.


One young diver is about to see a lovely but dangerous world under the ocean. The diver wakes up on the water’s surface with little idea of the location. Diving under, the diver begins to see a lovely world that’s teeming with life. However, a huge white shark goes towards the diver and while it seems it might be a danger, the diver realizes the white shark wishes for the diver to follow. Where’s the diver destined to go after the white shark? Find out in ABZU and see what mysteries the ocean world has for you.

Heart of Darkness

Andy is like some other young boy. Filled up with a passion for adventuring, it’s no wonder Andy finds himself in trouble at school a lot for daydreaming. However, Andy won’t need certainly to desire adventuring anymore when a strange solar eclipse opens up a portal to some other world and takes Andy’s dog—Whisky—away. Now Andy must use his self-built spaceship and journey after his canine friend. Though little does Andy know the dangers this adventure will take him as he journeys to the Heart of Darkness.

Alan Wake

Writer’s block has bought out popular writer Alan Wake and has brought his current story crafting to a grinding halt. Alan’s wife Alice decides that maybe a holiday away from the town life and noise will help rekindle Alan’s writing passion. Alice and Alan thus find themselves heading for a tiny town called Bright Falls and to a tiny cabin in a nice quiet wooded area. However, the peace Alan and Alice wanted is shattered when Alice is taken by some strange force and Alan wakes up in a dark nightmarish version of Bright Falls. Now the writer will have to worry less about writer’s block and more about the different darkened citizens that make an effort to kill him.


The forest can be quite a host of endless adventures for any young boy or girl. However, sometimes those adventures can become anything but fun and joyous. Whenever a young boy stumbles onto what seems like a military secret, he becomes hunted for what he witnessed. Now the boy must run away and stay one step prior to the military that seems to have discovered something not out of this Earth. Can the boy survive or will he be silenced for what he knows?

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