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Most video gaming adheres with their genres tightly. The reason behind this execution of style is to ensure the overall game is loved by the majority who play and in order to avoid any possible failure in terms of gameplay or sales. However, from time to time, several gaming titles appear that revolutionize the entire world of video games. Case in point, the overall game we’re emphasizing today is Journey, a game title that isn’t like most. Journey requires less action or simple concepts of having from point A to point B. The world of Journey can be as vast as its endless desert in the game and the beauty of this kind of design allows a completely new avenue of storytelling that we so rarely see. This is exactly why we at Just Alternative To bring for your requirements dear readers our list of 6 games like Journey.

Similar Games to Journey


Whilst the desert may appear endless and wide, in comparison, some may say the ocean offers a truly endless world. A Diver awakens floating on the ocean’s surface. Diving into the ocean, the Diver begins to explore the aquatic world. What awaits the Diver is really a world that seems both beautiful and packed with life in the form of aquatic fish and plants alike. Though a Great White Shark generally seems to desire the Diver to check out it, for what reason the Diver will soon learn. What awaits the Diver is really a story of intrigue and pure bliss in some sort of that is rarely touched by humankind. Welcome to Giant Squid Studios title, ABZU.


Henry has grown tired of his life, he wishes for a big change and he decides one day to go forth and make that change a reality. Accepting the role of a Fire Lookout, Henry has become in charge of keeping the beautiful green forest safe from the dangers of the fire. However, while Henry may have run into some sort of where only his supervisor, a lady by the name of Delilah, can contact him, it doesn’t mean Henry’s past is performed with him. What makes matters worse is this particular summer seems such as for instance a nightmare to Delilah and when an incident causes Henry to explore the forest for increased detail, he should come to terms along with his past along with the present. Henry must choose wisely his actions, as the entire world of Firewatch won’t hold his hand.


You awaken, alone and in a desolate forest. The forest seems quiet, without life…at least first. As you walk forward you encounter a young girl, you try to stop her but cannot do so. As you chase after her, you commence to see this forest isn’t ordinary. All over you’re questions and the only way to answer them is for you yourself to survive.

The Stanley Parable

Stanley is just your typical guy who is planning to enter some sort of that is far from normal. While at the job Stanley comes with an odd computer glitch and decides to find help from someone in the office only to find his office is without anyone. Stanley now has to select what length of action he wishes to take next. Does Stanley wish to perform to the exit and simply leave? Maybe Stanley wishes to venture into his boss’office to master what his boss is really hiding from him. In the Stanley Parable, as the story may focus on this ordinary man named Stanley and his not ordinary life, you’re enviably the main one who’ll choose Stanley’s fate.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Paul Prospero enters the town of Red Creek Valley thanks simply to a letter he received from a child named Ethan Carter. What ought to be just a simple meeting or at minimum peaceful visit becomes a headache of paranormal events and oddities. As Paul ventures around Red Creek Valley, he will learn some truly troubling events that surround the residence of the valley along with Ethan. Paul investigation abilities are likely to be put to the test against a risk he can’t even commence to fathom. However, will Paul wish to truly learn what happened in Red Creek Valley or should he just change and leave now?


Let’s end this interesting and truly breathtaking list with a truly stunning game like Journey. Flower really has no story. Players are a gust of wind, as the player takes more petals it provides for more and more speed. Each level the player’s primary goal is to revive life to the flowers and environment using their gusts like power. In Flower, your goal is straightforward, just end up like the wind and fly forth.

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