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One of the best multi-player video game franchises to possess ever been released has to function as Halo franchise. Regardless of what has happened in the recent Halo games, the very first 3 Halo games specifically left a lasting impression, and for good reason. Having its melee system in conjunction with automatic shield regeneration, its setup regarding online console multiplayer helping establish the Xbox Live feature of Microsoft’s Xbox console, and it undertake the controller layout regarding FPS games, Halo will forever be remembered as among the defining influences in regards to what the modern FPS games are like today. Not to mention the awesome story which makes up the single-player campaign with iconic characters such as the Master Chief, Cortana, 343 Guilty Spark, the Arbiter, Gravemind, Sgt. Johnson, and so on.

Similar Videogames to Halo

Tribes: Ascend

If the main reason you enjoyed the Halo series was solely for the multiplayer online connection with fighting in an area FPS, then Tribes: Ascend could be your very best bet if you wish to have that same type of experience. With the first Tribes game being inspired by the multi-player maps seen in Halo 2, it’s no surprise that lots of fans considered this franchise and stuck with it for a relatively good time. With a sizable community, games such as for example Capture the Flag, and similar combat mechanics that also involving jetpacks, vehicles, and a whole lot more, Tribes: Ascend is at the very least worth checking out.


If Halo was the defining sci-fi FPS game for the Xbox, then Killzone was the PlayStation’s defining sci-fi FPS game. Killzone resembles Halo not just in terms of multi-player gameplay, such as for example holding multiple weapons and the many competitions held over many different different maps, however the story as well, with many comparisons involving the Helghast and the Flood as well as the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance (ISA) and the UNSCDF. The Killzone franchise also features a long timeline, with the very first game developing in 2004 and the most up-to-date iteration, Killzone Shadow Fall, hitting theaters in 2013 for the PS4. Overall, in the event that you enjoyed the campaign as well as the multi-player mode for Halo but prefer a game for the PlayStation console instead of the Xbox, Killzone is that game.

Resistance: Fall of Man

Another great PlayStation FPS, Resistance’s campaign mode is targeted on Sergeant Nathan Hale as he, as well as other resistance forces, attempt to defeat a mystical alien species referred to as the Chimera, who has already taken over the others of Europe and is currently infiltrating the U.K. Like Killzone (and therefore Halo), Resistance has similar fighting mechanics, similar multi-player games such as for example Capture the Flag, Assault, and Free for All, and similar maps despite being away from certain locations in England. Resistance also can be in contrast to Halo in terms of both main weapons as well as advance weapons used, resulting in some stimulating matchups. While there aren’t that lots of games in the Resistance franchise, the feel of the game along with its fighting mechanics definitely bring about a comparison to Halo in the campaign fights along with the multi-player fights.

 Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite’s biggest comparison to Halo is more so when it comes to the story instead of gameplay. In comparison to Halo’s futuristic outer space sci-fi setting, Bioshock’s setting is more tied to the survival horror genre along with a biopunk feel. Additionally, whilst it can also be a FPS, Bioshock Infinite incorporates superpowers along with some RPG elements instead of Halo’s more objective-based approach through the campaign. There’s also no online multi-player dynamic to Bioshock: Infinite as well, as the key focus is on the campaign. Therefore, if the Halo story in terms of exploring an entire new environment to be able to perform rescue operation as well as uncover a puzzle appealed for your requirements, then Bioshock: Infinite will certainly satisfy that and leave you wanting more.


A system of the iconic franchise and the very first installment since Doom 3 was launched in 2004, Doom was among the few successful multi-player FPS games out before Halo, and this latest iteration brings a return to that type of game while improving upon it at exactly the same time. Although there will be a lot more graphic violence in Doom as well as a difference in terms of the sort of enemies being fought, Doom does tell Halo an impressive arsenal of weapons to make use of along with a brand new undertake the combat system to work with these weapons for their best potential. Doom also has similarities with both its multi-player games (team death match and king of the hill with a moving hill for example) as well as a “level-creation tool” for players to construct their particular maps as they see fit. Not to mention the initial soundtrack that enhances the unsettling atmosphere. If you enjoyed the violence of the Halo series, mainly in the sooner Halo games, then Doom can have no issue entertaining you.


One of the items that the later Halo games could actually capitalize on very well were the graphics; Halo 5 in particular showcased some characters so well which they almost appeared real. This really is also a standout point for Crysis, a regular sci-fi FPS shooter game where the protagonists use nanosuits to provide them enhanced strength, speed, and even durability to combat other soldiers and aliens. Whilst the story is not as sophisticated while the story in Halo, the later installments could actually improve upon this aspect, which explains why both Crysis 2 and 3 are regarded as very popular than the original. In the event that you enjoyed Halo for the graphics so it provided for the unique sci-fi setting, then Crysis is the game to start with to see that kind of visual.

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