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As individuals who love video games, most of us want to manage to enter a computer game world and play from the inside. Gather parties, search dungeons and fight large bosses just seems such as for instance a cool concept. Though for the present time, the most effective we can do is play MMORPGs. However, not most of us have PCs that will run games like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2 and thus exactly what do you do? The straightforward answer plays a casino game about characters playing a game.

Similar Game to .hack//G.U.


In 2010 humanity faced a horrible PC based virus called “Pluto’s Kiss” which destroyed computers across the world. The planet found technology like the net and MMORPGs to be completely nonexistent. Though, in 2012 an online game called The World releases to the planet and explodes in popularity with over 20 million players. Though a strange situation arises within The World that puts some people right into a coma and many believe it comes in the shape of legends hidden within The World. A player named Kite alongside a veteran player named Orca going to crash headlong into one of many secrets of The World named Aura and when Orca ends up in a coma himself Kite uses a new power gained from Aura to save his friend and possibly both The World and their own world outside the game.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

On earth of Hydra IV, there exists a son named Fayt Leingod. Though he’s known peace his experience of living alongside his friend Sophia Esteed and his parents—among which being famous scientist Robert Leingod—found their lives changed forever when an unfamiliar race called the Vendeeni attack. Fleeing, Fayt is separated from Sophie and his parents all while his escape pod crashes right into a planet called Vanguard III. Here with this underdeveloped planet, Fayt will meet with several members of an anti-federation called Quark and find his story starting truly when he allies himself with them. Journey alongside Fayt and his comrades as they travel through space in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

Tales of Xillia

Jude Mathis a young med student will soon meet a young woman named Milla Maxwell. This strange meeting will forever change Jude as he ends up going on a trip with Milla to save the planet from an evil terrorist group—named Exodus—who plans on using the spirits of these world of Elympios to gain power. If the both Jude and Milla should fail to prevent Exodus their world and Milla’s land will die. However, as you go along they won’t be alone as they find others to simply help them stop Exodus and stop a possible destruction of their property planet.

 Xenoblade (Xenoblade Chronicles)

Eons ago two large gods—Mechonis and Bionis—have already been engaged in a battle that’s gone on for ages. Though no war lasts forever and just as the two gods, the war stumbled on a stalemate. Time passes and humans have begun to reside their lives on the backs of the now still god-like beings. Separated by distance, the humans have split into two factions one being named Mechon and another Homs. Ironically, both factions end up engaging in a battle for land and power. Losing the fight, the Homs summon a strong blade named the Monado but lose it throughout the war. Twelve months have passed and the Monado has been found by a son named Shulk whose fate will forever change as a result of this discovery.

 Eternal Sonata

Real-world Polish musician Frederic Chopin is about to enter the desired world while he lays on his deathbed. Chopin ends up entering some sort of where a young girl named Polka also is destined to die at an all too soon age. However, Polka wishes that before her death she can somehow leave a footnote on the world. Chopin sees Polka’s drive and together the two go on an adventure, though is Chopin merely dreaming or can there be more to the world then even he understands? Journey into a world of beauty, death, and music in Eternal Sonata.

 Sword Art Online: Lost Song

The Black Swordsman Kirito could have escaped a fatal death game in the shape of Sword Art Online but his drive to play online games hasn’t faded. Kirito and his fellow survivors of Sword Art Online dive headlong into another online game called ALO or ALfheim Online. Though wherever Kirito goes, danger and adventure seem to follow. Within ALO a fresh adventure awaits. Welcome to Sword Art Online: Lost Song

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