Games Like Guilty Gear

Breaking onto the scene in 1998, Guilty Gear was lauded by many because of its gameplay, story, and art. Even though it was launched to home consoles, and not for arcade similar to games at the time, it absolutely was labeled as “among the nation-Capcom or SNK 2D fighters to make any kind of impact on the genre.” Since that time, Guilty Gear has produced five more games, however, series achieved a cult following, and become among the greatest fighting game franchises of time.

Similar Games to Guilty Gear

Street Fighter

Street Fighter is among the original 2d fighting games. As a result, it deserves a mention in just about every list of 2D fighters. Street Fighter has much more is an understanding curve than Guilty Gear, but it’s fun to see the similar ways that both games evolved visually. Originally using sprites for characters, Street Fighter and Guilty Gear have since begun to feature 3D models. The game doesn’t have lots of changing skills as Guilty Gear, however, it provides an enjoyable fast-paced combat, for those at the very top of their street fighting skills.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

The Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series took the Naruto Clash of Ninja series and brought the ninja to the world of 3D fighters, leaving behind much of what made the Clash of Ninja series so unique and fun to play. Stripping down the game, however, did not eliminate all that made the Naruto games fun and exciting.

Marvel vs Capcom

Capcom knows steps to make a fighting game. Known for its hallmark Street Fighter series, in the early 90’s Capcom also developed several Marvel fighting games. These games featured your standard gauge attacks, along with introducing new mechanics such as for example super jumps, multi-tiered environments and controlling projectile direction. These games became the foundation for the Marvel vs Capcom series. Marvel vs Capcom is a literal high-flying, fast-paced fighting game, with a focus on aerial combat.

Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax

Fighting games have stories; sometimes that’s forgotten. Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax forgoes a deep and intricate story, instead simply taking characters from established visual novels and bringing them together in a fight royale.

Persona 4 Arena

Fans of Guilty Gear will feel very aware of Persona 4 Arena, as many of the attack combinations within Guilty Gear may also be present here as well. The characters combos are featured prominently here, helping to make every fighter unique. Persona 4 Arena’s SP Gauge bar allows the type to do an Instant Kill attack, a selection in Guilty Gear games.


Clear as the mystical successor to Guilty Gear, this is no surprise that BlazBlue search itself in the 1st spot. Arc System Works took what caused Guilty Gear, and applied it to BlazBlue, from its alliteration to uniquely named rounds. This, however, does not make BlazBlue a straightforward clone of Guilty Gear.

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