Games Like Grim Fandango

Point and click adventures are usually interesting games but there are a lot of them in the huge library of video games. However, with this genre to do well, we here at Just Alternative To feel that the story, characters and freedom of dialogue are essential aspects of a point and click adventure. This is exactly why games like Grim Fandango are considered legendary. This quirky but visually unique game gave players an unusual world to explore and a straight odder set of characters to chat with however it truly felt like exploring some sort of unlike our own. This is why for our Games Like Grim Fandango list, we required getting games which gave players similar gameplay inside a genre that, today, is still very loved.

Similar Games to Grim Fandango

Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor

Nancy Drew is back with another mystery and this time, she might be coping with a more substantial threat than ever before. Planning a trip to England, Nancy is meant to generally meet her neighbor’s daughter who is apparently going via an odd ordeal. Apparently, her home of the Blackmoor Manor is afflicted with an odd curse that befalls people who enter its domain. Can Nancy solve this new mystery with her detective skills, or is this curse rather even the young and bright investigator can’t handle? Find out in Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor.

The Wolf Among Us

From the Fables series comes Telltale Games The Wolf Among Us. Acting as a prequel, players see the entire world from the eyes of Bigby Wolf, known by his infamous name, The Big Bad Wolf. Acting because of the Sheriff of Fabletown, Bigby finds himself saving a prostitute from being assaulted from the drunk woodman. However, the very next day Bigby is horrified to start to see the woman’s head on the front of his door leading him to figure out who committed this crime. Bigby is all about to show whoever did this why he was once defined as The Big Bad Wolf in The Wolf Among Us.

Tales from the Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands tells an account that happens right after Borderlands 2’s conclusion. Our main characters, Rhys and Fiona, have just been captured by a mystical stranger. Both souls are then forced to explain what led them to their current predicament. Rhys and Fiona are about to share with a tale of an unlikely meeting and a large adventure that neither Rhys nor Fiona saw coming. Welcome to a brand new side of the Borderlands lore because of Tales from the Borderlands.

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die

David Young has just handled a tragic event: his wife being murdered. Despite David once having been a Boston police narcotics officer, he finds that he doesn’t have many clues to go off of. All he knows is to consider D, his wife’s final words before her untimely death. Now, David—who stepped down from work and became an exclusive eye—must use his powers of visiting days gone by via mementos to fix who killed his wife by any means. David’s ordeal is all about to enter an odd world filled with things he can’t fully explain but he’s ready to dive in if it means taking down usually the one who killed his young wife.

The Walking Dead

Straight from the entire world of The Walking Dead graphic novels and the critically acclaimed show comes Telltale Games The Walking Dead. Poor Lee Everett has been charged with murder and is being sent off to prison. During Lee’s transportation, an unusual event occurs where in fact the police car goes off the road because the officer tries to dodge a walking man on the road. However, when Lee wakes up following the crash, he learns that the walking man was really a zombie and all over him an outbreak of the undead have begun to rise. Lee must escape surviving all while meeting other individuals who he will come to count on if he wishes to remain human and not join the ever-growing amount of so-called Walkers.

Life Is Strange

Maxine Caulfield is a woman who is just looking for herself in a huge world. However, she is all about to see a part of her she never knew existed after learning she has a power that defies reality. Max—as most call her—gains the ability to reverse time after witnessing the murder of someone near her. Now with this particular newfound power, Max is all about to learn every choice she makes affects her world and it may even result in the salvation or possible destruction of her town. Can this once normal girl deal with such a tremendous new power and a popularity that could include it?

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