Games Like GoldenEye 007

Anybody who owned the Nintendo 64 can inform you that there have been several amazing games for it. However, one of the very most iconic titles that also has people playing it today was GoldenEye 007. Players surely got to work through the eyes of the legendary spy Agent 007 and could actually play either in singleplayer or multiplayer. The FPS genre has always had thousands of titles, but GoldenEye 007, in the eyes of several, was one the best. This is exactly why today we’re looking at 6 Games Like GoldenEye 007 to see if any titles can live up, to this glorious title.

Similar Games to GoldenEye 007

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell

On April 2004 Georgina billionaire Kombayn Nikoladze attempts to take over following the president of Georgia is killed. In this chaos, two CIA operatives go missing causing the National Security Agency to utilize the Third Echelon by sending among their own. That agent is Sam Fisher a former Navy Seal with years of experience in deadly spy missions. Sam’s task would be to enter Tbilisi, Georgia and discover the missing operatives as quickly as possible. Sam is likely to be on his own for the most part and should count on Irving Lamber—an old friend of Sam—and a technical expert by the name of Anna Grimsdottir if he wishes to complete this mission successfully.

TimeSplitters 2

Humanity is nearing its result in TimeSplitters 2. When the alien forces called TimeSplitters began altering the timeline, humanity began feeling the repercussions greatly. Out of available alternatives, the governments of Earth distribute Sergeant Cortez and Corporal Hart to avoid the TimeSplitters in whatever way possible. During an event to avoid the alien’s from using crystals giving them the full-time manipulation abilities, Cortez is forced to enter into yesteryear accepting a brand new persona in hopes of killing any TimeSplitters in the period line. Prepare yourself for a time destroying FPS title due to TimeSplitters 2.


Black Mesa is approximate to undergo a large experiment, and they require the best of the best. Gordon Freeman is soon to reach to help partake in said experiment. Gordon equips a HEV suit for protection and reaches work right away. However, through the experiment, something horrible happens and to an alien dimension opens up in Black Mesa. Now, Gordon must somehow escape the facility as it blows up around him all while discovering the facts behind Black Mesa’s ventures with technology.

Far Cry 3

It had been said to be a fun vacation with friends and family on the Rook Islands. However, Jason Brody’s life gets warped when during his vacation his friends and brothers—Riley and Grant—end up being captured by pirates to be utilized as ransom. Luckily Jason is able to escape but at the expense of his brother, Grant’s death at the best choice of the pirates called Vaas. Jason then runs into another person called Dennis who feels Jason is a superb warrior in mind and initiates him into the Rakyat tribe. Now, to gain vengeance for his brother Grant, along with saving Riley, Jason must learn his warrior lineage and strive to defeat one of many island’s biggest pirate clans ever.

Deus Ex: Invisible War

JD Denton has changed the world forever. JD’s actions during Deus Ex—twenty years ago—caused new powers to increase on the planet and the face area of humanity to head further towards technological advancements. Groups like the WTO—World Trade Organization—and ApostleCorp aim to change humans in their ways by modifying them with biomaterials. Your job as Alex D would be to side with one of these three organizations and make their dreams a reality. However, are you going to stay loyal after learning their truths or are you going to go towards another group entirely? The decision is yours in Deus Ex: Invisible War.

Perfect Dark

The season is 2023 and there’s a huge battle going on behind the public’s eye. Two alien races want to find out about humans by disguising themselves and two factions on Earth want to gain control of corporate power. Agent Joanna Dark—better called Perfect Dark—sides with one of many factions named The Carrington Institute. With excellent infiltrations abilities and quick thinking, Dark has changed into a top agent for the institute and asks to rescue a specific Dr. Caroll who went missing. However, Dark is approximate to discover that despite her skills and abilities she might participate a scenario that even she wasn’t prepared for.

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