Games Like Goat Simulator

This is the long and skinny. In-game, the player controls the goat to manipulate the city, crush multiple objects using his horns and score points to go wild. It’s a cult classic through and through. Weird games like Goat Simulator are tough to come across since they aren’t exactly in the mainstream of game releases. But they are out there. Here are 10 such games which are in the same way weird compared to Goat Simulator.

  1. I Am Bread

You sure are. A casino game as unusual as its name would suggest, I Am Bread sends players on a captivating journey through a day in the life span of a slice of bread. The goal? Well, it’s the goal of each fresh slice of sourdough: to become toast! It’s some of those weird games like Goat Simulator… only… you know… with bread. You’re a bread and have to explore the kitchen and house in funniest way while interacting different things and ‘walk’over and across obstacles with a keen eye on the only thing that matters.

  1. Tokyo Jungle

Tokyo Jungle is an unusual survival game that puts you in control of not one, but several different animals as you crawl the right path through the streets of among the world’s most concrete of concrete jungles. You will find no humans can be found, a secret that is slowly revealed as the overall game progresses. If this game has anything in keeping with The Big Lebowski, it’s that Pomeranian play a prominent role. So there’s that.

  1. Surgeon Simulator 2013

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but that doesn’t allow it to be any less weird. I’ve been of the opinion that if you fancy the innards of the human body you’d become either a real surgeon or even a serial killer. Thanks to Bossa Studios, we will have a hands-off middle ground! You’ll control scalpels, spreaders, sutures, and other medically murderous instruments in your (almost futile) attempt to help keep your patients alive. Steady that hand, Stan.

  1. Hatoful Boyfriend

It doesn’t get much weirder when compared to a game about a lady who tries to woo birds at her high school. And when I say ‘birds’I don’t mean to use ‘birds’as a pseudonym for dudes, After all actual birds. The fly in the air? Yes, that’s how weird this game is. It’s more of an addictive than a real game, but with multiple plotlines and lots of juicy features and turns, you need to give it a shot if you’re into birds and interspecies relationships. Fans of games like Goat Simulator and searching for similar games.

  1. Rock Simulator

Couldn’t have made that one up if I tried. Somehow Rock Simulator were able to climb the ranks on Steam’s Greenlight ranking despite being fully a game about taking control of a lifeless rock. And by ‘taking control’After all staring at the screen as your rock sits still from the beautiful vistas beyond. Maybe someday a huge seismic shift will send that rock tumbling. You’ll just have to wait and see.

  1. Toilet Tycoon

Critics call it a stinker, a mark on the Tycoon genre, an actual piece of… well… you obtain the idea. Toilet Tycoon tasks player with realistic resource management and product development as you attempt to construct an empire of porcelain thrones to sit atop. You’ve the power to cultivate your toilet company to unparalleled heights. Just be sure to not flush it all down the toilet.

  1. Farming Simulator 15

Have you usually wanted to become a farmer but aren’t too keen on waking up at 4:30 am, doing back-breaking manual labor for 14 hours daily and go to sleep smelling just like the pigs you work so difficult to improve? You’re in luck! Farming Simulator 15 puts the plow in the hands (figuratively) as you perform the daily tasks of an American farmer. It’s like Harvest Moon without most of the chatty neighbors.

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