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If you’re a fan of almost any game, chances are you have at the least been aware of Final Fantasy. And if you play role-playing games, you’ve probably played a minimum of one of the games in this long-running series! But today we’re especially emphasizing the first game, the one that started it all. The overall game is probably older than some people reading this informative article, but it’s incredibly important and paved the way in which for plenty of modern RPGs today. Game titles wouldn’t be exactly the same when we hadn’t had Final Fantasy! And obviously, it had been a great game.

Similar Games to Final Fantasy

Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon could be the story of five friends which can be determined to truly save their world. When purple clouds come in the sky, they signal the coming of disaster and death for anyone, often led by a huge creature called the Land Shark. Nevertheless, when Shu, Kluke, and Jiro learn that the Land Shark is actually a machine controlled by someone named Nene, they know they need to defeat him to truly save the remaining portion of the world. It won’t be easy, though, as Nene has a huge army of powerful robots, but aided by their friends the trio is determined to succeed and eliminate the purple clouds once and for several! Using a new magical ability that’s transformed their shadows into powerful warriors, they may just stand a chance.

Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest is a role-playing game at its simplest. You take the role of a hero whose name you select, and travel via an open world fantasy land with very little restriction on where you are able to go – other compared to increasing difficulty of the enemies, obviously! The land of Alefgard has been protected by the Ball of Light for quite a while, which promoted peace and prosperity until it had been stolen by the Dragonlord. Later, the Dragonlord also kidnapped Princess Gwaelin! It’s you whilst the hero’s job to defeat the bad guy, rescue the princess, and restore light to the kingdom. All in a day’s work for an RPG hero, right?

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Star Ocean: The Last Hope is a science fiction role-playing game. It takes place after the outbreak of World War III destroys all the surface of our planet, and forces what remains of its population underground. While these end times did bring a cease-fire to the war, humanity needs somewhere else to live. You take the role of Edge Maverick, a young man who is a member of the trick Space Reconnaissance Force. It’s an organization sent into space to look for a suitable planet to relocate the rest of the humans too. Their mission has a rough start if they come across a meteor shower, though – but that’s only the beginning of Edge’s story because they explore the galaxy looking for a brand new haven for humankind!

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Ni no Kuni begins with tragedy as young Oliver, the story’s playable hero, loses his mother. But aided by a magical fairy named Drippy he travels into a simultaneous magical world with the hope of finding his mother there – and that she might nevertheless be alive he can save her and be with her again. But this world, while it might be beautiful, will be threatened with a dark force named Shadar. And Oliver’s mother is somehow attached to the sorcerer! To find her, she must first find Shadar – and maybe he is able to save the world from darkness in the act!

Lost Odyssey

The setting of Lost Odyssey is an illusion world where magic is now more and more commonplace and changing society. It’s been harnessed to develop new technology, which is wonderful for humanity – until it lets the warring nations of Gohtza and Uhura create magical weapons of mass destruction. Meanwhile, the nation of Numara tries to remain neutral, but it’s hard to a battle all over you to complete so. You play as Kaim, an “immortal” who has lost all his memories. Alongside other immortals and warriors, he finds himself in the middle of the war and trying to negotiate peace between the different nations. But just who’re the immortals? And what’ll they learn if they regain their memories? Whatever it’s, it’s sure to affect the outcome of the war, and thus the fate of humanity alongside it.

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is a crossover between Disney and Square Enix, meaning it’s saturated in characters owned by both of these companies. The story centers on Sora, a son who is separated from his friends Riku and Kairi when their property is invaded by creatures called the Heartless. While trying to fight them, Sora discovers he is able to wield a mysterious weapon called a Keyblade. Sora thus begins an incredible journey to avoid the Heartless and find his friends. He fights alongside Donald Duck and Goofy who’re searching for King Mickey, who is also a Keyblade wielder. Kingdom Hearts takes the trio through a number of Disney worlds on many adventures together to try to save their friends and keep the Heartless from destroying the hearts of those worlds.

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