Games Like EarthBound

Japanese role winning contests or JRPG for the brief usually can come in several varieties. Usually, a JRPG aims to create amazing fictional worlds that leave players surprised at the sheer removal from the normality of life. However, The game acts a means to bring strange as to we reflect normal thanks to a story that is taking place in a nearby typical world setting that just converts to the surreal. Fighting enemies may include annoying old men, cops, and cranky ladies. It might be strange and the enemy creatures might be pathetic, but the Oahu is the very reason which the game is loved to that player that plays the JRPG genre.

Similar Games to EarthBound

Citizens of Earth

Citizens of Earth is ironically the right place to start our games like EarthBound list thanks to the fact fans of Citizens of Earth ponder over it akin to an EarthBound parody. Taking the role of a recently elected Vice President of the Earth, your first day is pretty busy. The President of the Earth went missing and several odd events have begun occurring. Thankfully you’re the Vice President of the Earth, you have the capacity to recruit people to join your party. Recruit people such as for example Bakers, conspiracy guys and even your own personal mom and brother. While this work may be too difficult for your normal man, the Vice President of the Earth is fully capable.

Chrono Trigger

Crono and his friend Marie are witnessing a fantastic event taking place at the Millennial Fair. Lucca and her father have created a fresh teleporter and wish for Marie to be a volunteer in testing it. However, when an accident occurs it causes Marie to be sent through time causing Crono and Lucca to follow. This leads to some events that alter the course of that time period line and the only ones able to fix it are Crono and his friends. Journey into an occasion traveling tale alongside Crono and his party in Chrono Trigger.


An event called the White Flash caused all females of the world to be killed off. Brad, our main character, finds that despite the feminine race being gone, there actually lies one young baby who happens to be a female. Trying to pass her off as a son by naming her Buddy, Brad sees to it to attempt to keep Buddy safe from the apocalyptic world. One unfortunate day Buddy is available and kidnapped causing Brad to venture to the destitute world in order to save her. On the way, Brad will remember his old life prior to the White Flash showing moments of his past and the problems that have traumatized Brad.

Paper Mario

Mario is a fresh adventure, though now he’s a little flat. In Paper Mario, players assume the role of Mario in a 2D RPG experience. Invited to join Peach in her Castle for a great party, Mario and Luigi are thrilled to go. However, once more Bowser attempts to shatter another peaceful day in the Mushroom Kingdom when he steals not only Peach but additionally her entire castle. Mario now must free seven-star spirits in order to gain the capacity to stop Bowser and his nefarious plot. Thankfully the Mario isn’t alone to battle against the enemies in this quest as several characters are there to help him.


Contact starts with a person called the Professor running from a strange enemy called CosmoNOTs. During his retreat, the Professor ends up crash landing on a strange planet and finding that the vitality source for his ship has been scattered upon crashing. The Professor decides to ask Terry, a young boy on his ship, to venture over the planet to find the cells that power his ship helping him and Terry escape back home. However, this planet isn’t friendly and Terry will have to depend on the player, an unseen force, to help him and the Professor when they desire to survive the journey that awaits them.


Last but definitely not least, let’s look at Undertale the game that’s recently set the web ablaze with discussions and videos about it. In a remote past, the world was ruled over by two factions, humans and monsters. When a war breaks out between both beings, humans stand victorious and develop a barrier to stop monsters from leaving their underground domain. One day a young boy decides to climb Mount Abbott for unknown reasons despite the old saying that any who climb the mountain never return. When the young boy finally reaches the most effective he looks down into a large abyss and falls in. What ought to be the end seems to be just the beginning because the young boy awakens in a strange new place.

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