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The 8-bit classic Double Dragon could be the technological successor to Technos’and Yoshihisa Kishimoto’s previous hit franchise, Kunio-kun. Then backward, Jimmy and Billy Lee (the Lee name is an intended homage to martial arts legend Bruce Lee) would serve because of the inspiration for the main characters of River City Ransom, the version of the third Kunio-kun game. The plot of Double Dragon would promote the formula for the best beat ‘em up genre. Marian, the girlfriend of Billy, gets kidnapped and Billy and his brother Jimmy must set off and save her from the Black Warriors, a local gang of brutish thugs.

Similar Game to Double Dragon

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Although some of you readers are most likely know about the movie, this release takes influence from the initial comic series in context to its art style, but nevertheless, follows the same plot. When you yourself have seen the movie or see the comic, then you definitely know it is just a homage to the retro pop culture and this game is an embracement and extension of this spirit. In this game, you exclusively play because of the titular Scott Pilgrim and fight in his hometown in a suburban Canada.

Mother Russia Bleeds

While Russia has been a controversy due to the election of Donald Trump and election ad scandal on Facebook, it had been a much scarier threat under Communist rule during the Cold War. You can relive 1980’s Soviet Russia through Mother Russia Bleeds, that serves as a respect to Double Dragon and beat ‘em ups. While its foundation takes influence from the classics, it has many distinctions of a unique that all players can enjoy. Exactly like how Rocky’s Russian opponent used steroids in Rocky IV, this game generally is Double Dragon on steroids!


What do you receive once you mix Double Dagon, Ninja Turtles, and space adventures? Then you obtain the classic hit, Battletoads! Our three titular characters will be the grossly named Rash, Zitz, and Pimple. While A pimple and an area princess are on a journey, the Dark Queen uses this as a way to kidnap them, and it’s as much as Rash and Zitz to save the day. While the overall game has been praised for the unique gameplay and design, it still maintains notoriety for the demanding difficulty (to the purpose that future releases on other consoles had to be toned down!). So if you want something challenging, this can be the overall game you’re looking for.

Streets of Rage (Bare Knuckle)

Exactly like how River City Ransom paved way for Double Dragon, which often paved way for Final Fight, and then Final Fight paved way for Streets of Rage. As praised by our top 10 Sega games list, this game is highly remembered for the music, and how it had been also one of the games that defined the Genesis console, and how it ultimately defined the Sega brand. Exactly like in Double Dragon, you should save the city from a local gang that’s the main police cowering in their stations, and all you could get are your elite martial arts skills to avoid them. Don’t bother about having to save the girl now because one of the selectable characters is just a female.

Final Fight

While this game was intended to become a sequel to Street Fighter, upon the success of Double Dragon, Capcom decided to make it into a defeat ‘em as much as capitalize on that game’s popularity, although it would later be part of the Street Fighter mythos. The story of the overall game is more or exactly like Double Dragon, that combines some of their models such as saving the girl and the city by fighting your way through the area gang, The Mad Gear gang. Players can pick one of three characters, Cody, Mike, and Guy who each have their very own strengths and weaknesses. The controls are extremely straight to the stage, which gives players immediate comfort.

River City Ransom

Naturally, we’ve to provide the number one spot to River City Ransom, or Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari. In Japan, here is the third game of the Kunio-kun (named after Taki Kunio, then president of Technos Japan) series. While it was westernized as River City Ransom, the initial Japanese release takes influence from the delinquent mangas of its time frame such as Bebop High School and Kyo Kara Ore Wa when delinquents would perm their hair into pompadours and wear longer versions to the coats of their school uniforms (which are portrayed in the initial Japanese version of the overall game, while changed to shirts and jeans for River City Ransom). Whilst the Western version feels just like the cheesy martial arts movie knockoffs of the eighties, Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari is a natural Yankee (a Japanese word for delinquent) game.

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