Games Like Donkey Kong

It absolutely was the small game that can; one designed out of necessity to save lots of the business by reconfiguring the machines because of its flop space shooter, Radar Scope. Nintendo was hoping it would just keep the business from falling apart, however it turned out to become something much bigger. Donkey Kong became a cultural phenomenon across the planet, charming people having its unique physics-based gameplay. Its fairy tale-style set-up with a modern construction theme was a breath of oxygen between the endless Space Invader clones and Pac-Man wannabes.

Space Hunted

Despite released in 2017, Space Hunted feels like it wouldn’t be out of place released near the launch of the NES. Like many old games, it doesn’t spend any moment creating any context or story. You’ll simply seize control of a pink haired girl, apparently lost in space. To be able to progress, you’ll first need to get what is actually a form of game controller, then after this, make your solution to the portal! Just be cautious when the portal opens up, as the amount might change!


You’ve got one goal in BurgerTime: make burgers. How? By traveling on top of oversize patties and buns to drop them down onto a grill, of game, Be mindful though, as sentient sausages and eggs are persistent in chasing you down and putting a conclusion to your gourmet dreams. If you discover yourself cornered, just toss some pepper within their face to stun them and walk close to past. Crushing them along with your patties and buns will net you some extra points too!


May very well not recognize this cute little mouse cop, but there clearly was a quick time frame when he was considered something of a secondary mascot for industry titan Namco in Japan. You’ll play because of the titular character, chasing down stolen loot strewn about the level. Be mindful, as “cat” burglars are likely to be chasing you right down to stop you from snagging up their scores! In the event that you play your cards right, however, you are able to lure them onto unstable trampolines and bounce quickly them before they break, sending your enemies right into a pit!

Kid Icarus

The goddess Palutena captured by the deadly wicked Medusa, and it’s up to Pit (player character) to rescue her! To do so, he’ll collect the three sacred treasures, arm himself, and then fly out to take her down once and for all! However, he’ll have to climb his in the past up from the underworld and ensure it is back to Skyworld! He’ll have to take on some dangerous, mythical beasts that guard the treasures first, and free the trapped centurions if he wants any shot at actually dealing with Medusa.

Ice Climber

You most likely recognize the title characters, Nana and Popo, more from Smash Bros. compared to the game they’re actually from. If you’ve never checked it out over the course of its many re-releases, it’s effectively Donkey Kong if it were disseminated over the course of multiple screens rather than limiting the gamer to a single screen. You’ll climb up the mountain and then hitch a journey by having an unhelpful bird to escape the peak.

Bubble Bobble

The idea is easy: you’ll play as Bub, one of the happy little dragons you see on the cover. Rather than breathing fire, though, you’ll breathe bubbles! Trap enemies in a bubble, and then run into them to knock them out. This will allow you to maneuver onto another level. Do this for 100 levels to save lots of your girlfriend from the nefarious Baron Von Blubba! There isn’t to do it alone, though. If you’ve got you to definitely play with, they could pick up a controller and play as Bob, another happy little dragon you see on the cover!

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