Games Like Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry first released on the PlayStation 2 back in 2001 and since that time like it’s turned into a franchise that has such rousing success one almost needs to wonder if Dante, the series’main man, isn’t blushing only a little after becoming a famous character. Not only get the series had several games releases, it, in addition, has expanded even into the territory of anime, manga, and a few novels. Devil May Cry is just a series that has made other game companies stop for a minute and look at their games to see if they may even come near the amazing gameplay that the series is indeed popular for. Thus we at Just Alternative to having taken up weapons, namely keyboards and controllers, to have games which can be seen as pedestrian games to be much like Devil May Cry. Our battles have led us to numerous nights of sleep deprivation and a lot of rages to locate 6 games like Devil May Cry.

Similar Games to Devil May Cry

Ninja Gaiden Sigma II

Ryo Hayabusa returns in Ninja Gaiden Sigma II for the Xbox 360. Happening annually after his previous victory within the evil forces, yet again Ryu finds himself at war with dark forces. However, in Ninja Gaiden Sigma II, Ryu finds that he features a more personal reason to fight this time around. Ryu’s village was invaded by Black Spider Ninjas who aimed to steal a legendary statue called the Demon Statue that the village has held onto for many time. Joe Hayabusa, Ryu’s father, wishes his son to retrieve the statue as it will lead the world into ruin if the statue’s power falls into the incorrect hands. Ryu will now go forth once more facing foes that want nothing more to take him down, but Ryu along with his legendary Dragon Sword stands ready.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Solid Snake has always taken the role as the lead main character in most of the Metal Gear games, once Raiden was introduced in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty he hasn’t had a lot of a prominent role. That changes in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance where Raiden has become the main hero. Raiden’s story begins when he is attacked while on a mission involving escorting a VIP. Having lost, Raiden is fortunately put back together using his cybernetic limbs and made even stronger. Now on a mission of revenge, Raiden uses his new body and tools to annihilate the enemies of the future. Raiden uses to have the nickname Jack the Ripper, his enemies will quickly learn why.

God of War III

The tale of Kratos is one which is well known to most. Following the events of the prior game, Kratos continues to seek his path of revenge from the Gods. Amassing a military of Titans, Kratos now has a way to fight from the might of Olympus. However, Zeus and his fellow Gods won’t allow themselves to fall into fear against a person who’s still only human. Can Kratos defeat some of the Gods legends were created from? Whether any rely on him, Kratos stands along with his legendary twin swords ready showing the world the extent of his anger.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

The world is nearing its end. The powerful Lords of Shadows has launched its power across the world bringing forth evil forces which are killing innocent humans. The Brotherhood of Light exists to take down the evil forces such as for instance certainly one of its members by the name of Gabriel Belmont. Having just lost his wife, Gabriel seems lost but his wife’s spirit, trapped in between dimensions, tells him that she knows how to help him save the world. Going forth, Gabriel stands from the evil forces from the Lords of Shadow. Armed with only his Combat Cross, Gabriel must now go look for the Lords of Shadow’s various forms to bring them down.


Have you been having a pain? Is this really happening? Waking up, you see a strange old man standing above you. The old man claims he must alter your blood otherwise you will likely die. Suddenly strange beasts appear, you black out before they could reach you. Upon waking you see the old man and the beasts are gone, you are alone in the room. You leave the building having barely avoided a large beast. Stepping outside you see the planet and you realize this may possibly not be a dream after all. Welcome hunter, you are cordially invited to participate the hunt. If you want to survive and bring a method to end this dream you will need to go forth and tackle the beasts of the night.


After having slept for 500 years, a witch awakens to an unfamiliar world. She remembers little of her past. Time passes and the young witch’s memories return slightly. She remembers her name, Bayonetta, and that the war caused her predicament. The Umbra Witches went along to war from the Lumen Sages to get control of the world. The witches standing for darkness and the sages for light. Bayonetta knows one thing, she hates these two factions and aims to destroy both of these forces. Armed with her hair, which acts as her magic summoning and several weapons, Bayonetta will quickly eventually find out more as time progresses. However, are those memories ones worth remembering?

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