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The future may seem like an appealing but kind of terrifying concept. If games and movies are any indications of what’s to come, then most likely we’re going to have space travel and super cool pieces of technology at our fingertips. However, in equal terms, we are also destined to cope with alien lifeforms and possibly ancient cults who are bent on gaining power in society. Despite those very unlikely and highly exaggerated ideals, we still love to cope with them in game titles because it’s only fun. Now in the event that you truly want an impressive gaming title that provides you the most effective gameplay and plenty of future intrigues then you do not have to look far to obtain the Deus Ex franchise.

Fallout 3

In the year 2277, we must have experienced the entire world in the perfect light as a result of technological advancements and new discoveries. Unfortunately, after a huge nuclear strike, the entire world has been polluted and devastated. For the character though, all you’ve ever seen is the entire world of Vault 101, one of many that existed to save lots of humanity from possible extinction. After your father—a well-known scientist—leaves Vault 101, chaos and panic ensue causing one to also leave in search of him. Now the safe world you once knew is fully gone and what exists before you may be the ruined wasteland of the United States…

Dishonored 2

Fifteen years back Dunwall had faced a slew of horrible events though thankfully Corvo Attano could restore order. Freeing Emily Kaldwin—the daughter of Dunwall’s Empress—and clearing his name, Carvo and Emily started to shape Dunwall back to a peaceful state. However, once more Dunwall faces a crisis when a crown killer services in a neighboring domain and both Emily and Corvo are seen as the killers. Then once more chaos breaks out within a ceremony for Emily’s mother. Duke Luca Abele has arrived with a robust witch and thus Emily and Corvo must jump into the fray to stop Dunwall from facing a headache once more.


Nowadays, there lies a man who hunts and moves within the shadows. Known to some as Garrett, this thief is known for his skill and efficiency. Hired by Baron Northcrest, Garrett is tasked with stealing something for the Baron alongside a fellow thief by the name of Erin. However, the job fails horribly and Garrett eventually ends up losing Emily and almost loses his life. One year later, Garrett wakes up after having a long coma and learns the city has been facing an odd outbreak called “The Gloom” and now he must yet again return to the shadows to find out what moves must be taken as he returns to form.

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 ends Shepard’s long-running story in the Mass Effect world with one final epic tale. Having developed into a hero by saving the entire world, Shepard is finally able to earn some essential rest on Earth. However, Shepard is haunted by odd visions that appear to be warning signs of a possible event to take invest the future. Nothing could have prepared the entire world for what’s to come in the form of the Reapers powerful beings looking only a very important factor, the universe. Now Shepard must prepare for one more final battle which will determine the fate of sentient life in the universe.

Assassin’s Creed II

Desmond Miles has just survived being captured by the evil Templar group posing as the current Abstergo group. Desmond, however, is far from taking it easy as he knows he must continue dealing with his newfound assassin allies to hopefully stop a possible world-altering event from transpiring. Once more, Desmond must enter the Animus to enter into the mind of one of his ancestors, this amount of time in the form of Ezio Auditore da Firenze. A fresh world of adventures and story await in the now 15th century for Desmond to hopefully find more clues and train him for an upcoming battle between The Templar and The Assassins.

Watch Dogs 2

The Central Operating System or better referred to as ctOS has been installed in Chicago with seemingly great leads to the mass populace. Now with ctOS is getting an update to version 2.0 and will soon be put up in the San Francisco area which will create a better and happier life. However, as Hacker Marcus Holloway knows all too well the ctOS 2.0 system is whatever but a joyful new life. With people being falsely called criminals—this including Marcus—throughout San Francisco, it appears as though the creators have other motives in store. Hacker Marcus and his new found friends though won’t allow this method to destroy their city and start to devise plans to fight back.

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