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DanganRonpa tells the story of a group of students trapped within the confines of the individual school. They’re forced to engage in mutual killing by the enigmatic and sadistic headmaster of the institution – Monokuma. Feeding them with motivations such as personal secrets and lies, the once tranquil school of hope soon changed into a battlefield splattered with blood. You play while the protagonist, Naegi Makoto, the Super High School Luck as he solves mysteries after mysteries to uncover the true killer behind every murder. The only way to prove his findings, however, is through the Classroom Trials, a simulated court trial session in order to uncover the true killer.

Similar Anime to DanganRonpa

 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

You assume the role of Junpei. A son who mysteriously awoke onboard a ship. Trapped inside a room, it wasn’t long before water starting gushing into his room and he realizes that he had a need to escape… and fast… Through picking right up items and analyzing the room, he eventually found his way out simply to realize that he was not alone. Everyone he met has exactly the same last memories – a haunting figure of a man in a fuel mask. Amongst one of them can also be one of his true childhood friend, June which complicates the situation. Now could be the not the time to rekindle old relations nor forge new ones. Because it stands, the game has just begun, nine people, nine doors to enter and only nine hours to escape.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

You control Sissel, a spirit that just awoke. Without memories or recollections of who he was prior, he was shocked once more to learn that he has until dawn to figure out the nature of his death. Lucky for him, he has the ability of the spirits to possess things to aid him. With the aid of another aid, Missile a friendly dog they set up to uncover the facts behind their deaths. It was no easy journey, however, as they will soon find out as there clearly was a larger and darker mystery before them.

Persona 4

Our protagonist arrives 1 day in Inaba city to reside with the Dojimas. What should have now been a straightforward transfer escalated quickly into some events that may change his life? Soon after arriving, a TV presenter was found dead, her body hanging atop a TV antenna. Shortly after, the senior school student who found her body was found dead as well. As our protagonist tries to figure out what’s available him, he and his friends are absorbed in the world of TV where the discovered the existence of Shadows and Personas. The Shadows, which stems directly from the repressed memories of people are harming those same people in between worlds. It is up to our nameless protagonist to solve the conflicts between both worlds in order to preserve his.

Corpse Party

While celebrating at the after party due to their school’s cultural festival, a group of students decided to use an urban legend called the Sachiko charm. The charm promised that the participants will never be separated. However, things soon turn grisly upon the completion of the recitation of the charm. Our band of students ends up trapped in another dimension. Called Heavenly Host Elementary School, this school possesses dark and gruesome history. Unfortunately for our students, they will be re-living history once more unless they can find their way out.

Ace Attorney

Ace Attorney follows rookie defense lawyer Phoenix Wright. Just passing out from the bar, he is set to defend me against numerous cases. Firmly believing in the innocence of his clients, he takes this stalwart principle with him into court. His journey towards becoming the titular Ace Attorney is not easy, however, as he has to fight tricky witnesses, dishonorable prosecutors and sometimes even luck. However, his strong resolve and cunning are why is him a very unorthodox lawyer and Phoenix is even well-known to create around any case to his favor thus earning him his nickname, the Turnabout Attorney! Join one of many quirkiest lawyers you’ll ever see in his adventures while the Ace Attorney!

Professor Layton

Archaeologist Hershel Layton is known to be a man of impeccable wit. A real gentleman, he excels in the art of logical deduction and maybe the game equivalent of Sherlock Holmes. Alongside him is his trusty apprentice, Luke Triton. Together, the duo is usually swamped with countless of puzzles and mysteries to solve. Undaunted, both can solve them with ease and style. So challenge your brain as you embark on a journey using them!

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