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If any game has stood against enough time (pun intended?), it would definitely have to be Chrono Trigger. Originally debuting for the Super Nintendo in 1995, it will be heralded together of the greatest games of all time. While Dragon Ball Z wouldn’t lose in the US before the early part of the 2000s, people got the initial taste of Akira Toriyama’s art style through this game. In Chrono Trigger, you play the role of Crono, a silent protagonist who finds himself on a trip to save the fate of the planet from the destruction of Lavos. As you go along, he’ll meet friends throughout time to aid him on his quest.

Similar Games to Chrono Trigger

Lunar: The Silver Star Story

While the game made its debut for the Sega CD in 1992, it didn’t gain any popularity until it was launched on the PlayStation towards the finish of the 1990s (despite being one of the greatest selling games for the Sega CD), because of the popularity of Final Fantasy VII. Exactly like Chrono Trigger, it gave audiences of the early 1990s an exposure to anime before people knew what anime was through Toonami. The characters designs are given by Toshiyuki Kubota, who has also done work for Idolmaster, Giant Robot, and the 3rd Berserk movie. Whilst the PlayStation re-release of Chrono Trigger has animated cutscenes, Lunar’s Sega CD debut actually became one of the first RPGs to feature them along with voice acting (though these were rather stiff). Thankfully, the re-releases for the Saturn and PlayStation upgrade the graphics and the grade of the animated scenes.

The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time is the Zelda franchise’s breakthrough into 3D and it generally does not disappoint. Like all Zelda games, this game tells its own unique story that loosely ties with other games (which may be another topic for another article) so it’s easy for any player to choose up. As Zelda games traditionally go, you play as Link as he goes by himself journey to save the land of Hyrule, defeat Ganon, and get the girl. When you have played the recent Zelda games, then this game, if like the initial 3D game, is not any different.

Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 2)

Another Square classic needs to be the Secret of Mana. In reality, it was actually a sequel to a casino game called Seiken Adventure: Final Fantasy Gaiden (or Final Fantasy Adventure in North America) for the initial Gameboy. The initial game takes influence from the initial Zelda’s gameplay by having an overhead view and active battles, and this feature carries over into Secret of Mana. What also makes this game enjoyable is so it allows multi-player (up to 3 players!). Speaking of using three characters that may be featured simultaneously while walking, Chrono Trigger shares this feature as well.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Towards the finish of the Super Nintendo’s prime, Mario was treated using its own old school Japanese RPG with the help of Square. If you are acquainted with older JRPGs and Mario, it’s more or less what you expect. In this game, you should save the Mushroom Kingdom from Smithy and to make things even stranger, you should now team up with Mario’s eternal nemesis, Bowser!


When there is any game that people may give props to, it needs to be Xenogears. In truth, the game actually conceived as a possible sequel to the best game of Chrono and has a cameo of Lucca. But because of the dark and touchy subjects such as religion, it became its own separate game. Heck, it wasn’t even considered for an international release because of those reasons.

Final Fantasy VI

If any game rivals Chrono Trigger as the very best Super Nintendo RPG ever, it would definitely have to be Final Fantasy VI or initially released as Final Fantasy III in America. In this game, you initially start as a half-human/half-esper named Terra, who has escaped the clutches of the evil empire and is slowly dealing with their brainwashing. Upon her freedom, she befriends members of a small grouping of rebels called the Returners, who desire to overthrow the empire. As their journey expands, they will gain new friends and face new foes. But would they save the planet before it’s too late? And the question compared to that is where the game shines.

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