Games Like Bioshock

Welcome to Rapture, those words seem to make players think they are planning to enter a good place that is warm and welcoming. Then as you finally set foot in rapture the fact of the façade becomes so apparent. The game has given players lots of memories and has split out as a series of multiple video games. Though maybe you’ve played all the series and want something similar but isn’t obviously Bioshock. Well, you’re in luck, reader.

Similar Games to Bioshock

System Shock 2

It will have now been an amazing event, the fate of the aboard the Rickenbacker and the Von Braun would forever be changed in a mere moment. The Von Braun, a ship capable of going fast than light is being escorted by The Rickenback a military starship and the sole defense the Von Braun has. Throughout the Von Braun’s maiden voyage, the two ships hear a distress call from a nearby planet and thus send a team to investigate. Upon landing the team finds what be seemingly eggs but before they could react the eggs hatch and release an infectious being upon the team and your character. Soon you’ll learn about “The Man” who has plans for those aboard these two ships. You’re but a mere soldier but you have to react in order to save the remaining non-infected and probably the universe.

Half-Life 2

Gordon Freeman has just survived the incident at Black Mesa, or so he thought. Which was until he was knocked unconscious by the strange G-Man. Getting up, Gordon notices an unfamiliar city setting and what seems like alien and robotic like creation observing regular humans. Saved by an old comrade, Gordon will quickly learn that nearly twenty years have passed as he slept and the planet is becoming overtaken by the Combine. Gordon is asked by his friends to participate their battle to react against this alien threat all while discovering why it occurred in the initial place. Armed together with his trusty crowbar and his HEV suit, Gordon ventures off to fight yet again to save the human race.

Doom 3: BFG Edition

The theory was to utilize Mars as a method of investigating teleportation technology. After using odd glyphs, tablets, and technology, scientists thought they’d been successful. However, soon they would learn their teleportation didn’t lead to a standard place but an odd hellish like dimension. After several accidents and tests, the–now–open portal lets strange creatures get loose into our world. You play an unnamed soldier who is tasked with planning to Mars to get a significant scientist who may have the answers to working out what’s going on. Yet the moment you arrive on Mars you’re not greeted by normal means and discover that what awaits might not be merely a regular threat but one straight out of a nightmare.

Metro: Last Light Redux

Based off a story series and acting as a sequel to Metro 2033. Metro: Last Light Redux continues the story of Artyom as he continues his struggle in the wrecked city that after was Moscow. Having learned the intent of the Dark Ones, the mysterious beings from the initial game, Artyom continues to question his decision made a year ago. Making matters worse, the many underground factions including the Communist Red Line and Nazi Fourth Reich are doing deadly battles to determine who should run control of the underground who men and women now call their home. It’s up to Artyom to ensure the war doesn’t reach his people all while dealing together with his own internal battle.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

Halo comes back to the present day consoles as a result of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. Yet again jump into the shoes of Master Chief as you fight contrary to the human threat named the Covenant in an enhanced version of the class Halo: Combat Evolved. As you wake through to the destined to fall, Pillar of Autumn, Master Chief’s emergency escape pod lands on around landscape dubbed Halo. Master Chief will explore this ring like the world to look for survivors of the Pillar of Autumn but soon will discover the true nature of the Halo ring. Can the Master Chief fight contrary to the Covenant who worship this ring? Even worse, can Master Chief survive the entity that lurks in the depths of the Halo Ring?


Dishonored takes place in the town of Dunwall. Dunwall happens to be facing several issues including a fatal plague and those that wish to defeat the existing Empress. Corvo Attano, the lead character, fails in his mission to avoid the Empress’s assassination and the kidnapping of Emily, the Empress’s daughter. Framed and locked away in a jail to rot, Corvo is given another chance when an odd God-like being grants Corvo powers for seemingly a not known reason. Now Corvo must learn the reality to clear his name and to save Emily from her captors.

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