ASTRONEER is the game about space experience and exploration. This topic is widely presented in the game industry so we can find many games like ASTRONEER. As the main protagonist, you need to happen to be the planet and build the brand new world. In the journey of uncertainty, you will meet weird places, stunning creatures and have many dilemmas. It is not strange that numerous people consider this game as the real mystery for anybody who likes unexplored and adventurous things. Your journey will start with your friends or on your own. As you land to the planets, a variety of new things can make you discover the entire world around. There’s a chance to rebuild, excavate, discover precious resources and create a land of one’s dreams. The story of ASTRONEER is happening in the massive unique places of planets and galaxies. The key tool for your activity is deforming tool aimed to provide simple digging of the land and tunnels. If you wish to keep alive during these challenges you can find two things to be concerned: Oxygen and Power. Along with your adventure, you will need to collect resources as resin and compound elements. By doing this you will have the ability to produce Modules and Habitats. Other objects of one’s creation are likely to be Smelter, Printer or Tethers. If you’re successful in collecting artifacts then you will have the ability to get into trade platform and start trading with the area station.

Planet Explorers

You are part of the first ever starship colony sent by Earth to inhabit a brand new planet in the far distant future. Upon getting near to the planet, however, something goes wrong and you crash land. You manage to escape the wreckage, but you find yourself trapped on a planet full of lifeforms that do not want you there.

No Man’s Sky

The action of the game takes to invest the universe where you see new planets and the cosmos. In your road, you will meet dangerous creatures and pirates. If you wish to survive, you will need to get the ready ship, resources from the top, weapons and get ready to meet long-lasting consequences.

Osiris: New Dawn

You’ve crash-landed on a strange alien world, and you should now harvest mineral from the planet in order to develop your own base and survive not merely the danger of death if you come to an end of oxygen, but also the danger that the night brings when monsters attack.


Operate your space-faring enterprise from the starship as you beam down seriously to a relatively infinite quantity of different planets to gather resources to craft and upgrade your gear into better yet versions of themselves. IN this 2D side-scrolling adventure, you will discover places and fight monsters, in addition to battling ab muscles elements of the planet itself.

Elite: Dangerous

If you’re a supporter of games where truly anything is achievable, Elite: Dangerous is for you. IN this sci-fi MMO, you can be anything from the humble space-faring merchant, to a high-tech pirate seeking to plunder from those who have made an honest living. The economy is wholly player-made, and the entire world truly reacts to the actions of those that play it.

Out There

Out There’s a fantastic game available both on mobile and on Steam that seamlessly blends both the roguelike facets of some of the well-known classic games with the sci-fi aesthetics and environments of most of what spark our sense of wonder. This game combines resource management and interactive fiction and will give you wishing for more.

The Solus Project

In this space exploration game, you could be the sole witness to stunning environments that no you’ve got ever seen before or might find after you. You need to gather resources and craft items to make sure you manage to survive for so long as you are able to in this spiritual successor to The Ball.

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