Frequently Asked Questions about TikTok in 2022

Q1: Are TikTok Ads Legal?

Ans: TikTok ads are a source of promoting your either short or large business over the world. As TikTok has billions of users, so for business advertisements, TikTok ads are the best ones.

As you people know that the best entertaining app is Tiktok so without legal permission, no one can publish any ad. If TikTok grants an authentic license, then you can publish ads. Otherwise, the TikTok privacy policy takes strong action against the rules breaker.

Q2: Can TikTok Track You?

Ans: According to the latest update of January, when you create an account, you directly permit the app to improvise your device data and personal as well such as age, username, social media account information, password, and email, or phone number.

For sure, if you are a user of other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google and share a link or sign up, it may collect information from these social media services that may include your contact lists and information related to these services.

Q3: Is TikTok Banned?

Ans: The most important reason for the TikTok Ban is the involvement of teenagers, with an estimated 100 million users below 20. Due to national security issues, for example, TikTok was banned in India, and still, no one has direct access to Tiktok through a proper channel. India claimed that TikTok has stolen and transferred the Indian user’s data outside the country.

Q4: Is TikTok banned all over the world?

Ans: Being currently one of the top social networking and entertainment apps, TikTok has been showing negative vibes to some countries, mostly the ones which are against China, such as the USA, India, Canada, etc. The main concern they have shown is the breach of data and national security issues. However, so far TikTok has survived the major brunt and is working in many paths of the world.

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