Best Virtual Pet Games Like My Boo

My Boo – Your Virtual Pet Game gives you a pretty virtual pet of your, here you can give them a title, play together and make sure that they have everything they need. Daily you can feed, clean and play with your new friend, and you will find many different items that you are able to do with them. There are plenty of games, from Match 3 to Bubble popping and much more. Decorate your pet in a number of outfits and decorate their homes in any way you want.

Games Like My Boo

Kitty Love: My Fluffy Pet

Kitty Love – My Fluffy Pet has a range of lovely kittens for you to own and look after, watch them mature and enjoy their fun company. Choose from 6 different cats to call your personal and then make them by feeding them a common foods, cleaning them and making sure they stay healthy. Dress them up in adorable clothes and decorate their little houses.

Baby Bunny: My Talking Pet

Baby Bunny – My Talking Pet brings your individual cute little rabbit to check after and help grown into a big fluffy bunny. Choose from 6 different children and then watch them grow as you play with, feed and look after them. Dress them in cute outfits, make certain they’re fit and healthy and keep their home decorated in a massive selection of different ways. This cute little game has so many activities for you and you’ll never be bored.

My Talking Hank

My Talking Hank is caused by constant demand from fans of the “My Talking” series – a My Talking game that has an adorable, little puppy named Hank who happens to call home in one of many world’s most beautiful tropical places, the hawaiian islands of Hawaii. Similar to previous games, you may need to take excellent care of Hank as well as shower him with the attention he needs, and he’ll grow into a fun-loving and happy little dog. Hank happens to also enjoy photography and as such, you can pair of with him on fun adventures to take pictures of each wild animal living in Hawaii. However, to attract these animals emerge of hiding, you may need to place the right toys and food for them. Besides taking photos, there are many mini-games to stop you occupied and new features to unlock.

My Talking Angela

My Talking Angela is Outfit7’s second app within their “My Talking” series but now, the overall game features an equally adorable, female feline named Angela. Like any pet simulation, you will be expected to take excellent care of her by providing her the attention she needs, play with her, and obviously, feed her delicious treats. However, unlike the male Talking Tom, you can dress Angela in a much wider selection of fashionable accessories and cat-fitting costumes and clothes, making her definitely the more stylish one in the overall game franchise.

My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom is just a pretty unique game where you can adopt your individual virtual tom cat. Obviously, you’ll begin with a kitten (named Tom) but by taking excellent care of it and catering to its needs, your kitty will gradually grow to the cat it is intended to be. Being a pet simulation game, you’ll not merely reach liven up your cat; you can decorate his surroundings as well. You can even send your cat to various locations around the globe and take pictures for your scrapbook or play some fun mini-games with him.

My Virtual Tooth

My Virtual Tooth is just a fun game for children that teaches the significance of dental health and gives them both an unique end enjoyable experience. This game was created to help maintain the healthiness of your kids whilst also reducing the anxiety over dental visits. Here you have Dee, a baby tooth that wants to mature, and as you go along there are lots of fun activities to savor as well as games and even a toothbrush timer to simply help your kids brush for the best level of time.

Oscar the Cat

Oscar the Cat is just a really cute talking cat game where this cheerful fellow is on your own phone and designed for an entire host of fun. You are able to decorate his lovely home, or dress him in fun outfits to match your mood. There are also a lot of mini games and fun activities like coloring in the feline themed pages. This virtual pet has everything you can want, and the overall game looks really amazing too, all in all a great little app.

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