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Sometimes, when people get bored of playing World of Warcraft constantly, they look for something a far more low key to play. Hearthstone is easy to get at from the “Blizzard App” screen, a lot of people play it, and you can generate things in World of Warcraft by playing it during certain events! It is a fun game; before you encounter the diehard players and lose (which could happen a lot). Hearthstone is a game where you remove your opponent’s hero card before they remove yours while using the various decks of cards at your disposal; although some decks do require purchasing.

Similar Games to Hearthstone


Welcome to a turn-based tactical Trading Card Game where the hero characters have real in-game animations! You’ll fight over resources for the faction you choose to represent in the form of tournaments. Similar to Hearthstone, you should buy packs of cards to gain more versatility in your play style, and customize decks to your liking. It is a fun game, and it will take queues from Hearthstone, but additionally, it is great its game, which is another reason it’s so critically acclaimed!

 Star Crusade

If you had been buying a game exactly like Hearthstone without Blizzard graphics, here it’s! Like Hearthstone, you are able to customize decks, purchase decks, and it’s heroes with her abilities. Honestly, it’s so similar to Hearthstone that it’s almost a reskin, in space instead of Azeroth! Hearthstone has the underlying theme of a game that you’re playing in a tavern; Star Crusade takes invest space and doesn’t have that sort of vibe.


From individuals that brought you “Magic the Gathering” and “Ascension”, comes “SolForge”, a free-to-play digital CCG that’ll pit players against other players or the AI of the overall game itself; like Hearthstone! Each card has the potential of 3 different levels, level 3 usually being the more powerful card. SolForge has 4 different factions, and every one has a different deck. What players try to complete is level their characters up as quickly as possible for them to get their best cards on the field to destroy their opponents; the higher the amount, the better cards you’re allowed to use.


In Eternal, you will end up using “sigils” to have the ability to attack with a card; so, if a card takes power to make use of, you need the right sigil and influence to have the ability to use that card, which works sort of like fuel. It’s important to think about what cards you’re going to make use of with your sigils to create a profitable strategy, in order to continue to attack your opponent! Eternal is a very fun CCG, and the 9/10 rating on steam should reflect that as well. Like in Hearthstone, you will discover hero characters you’re attempting to kill, sports a virtually equal playing board, and the characters have to tease each other during battle.


Anime is a thing only at Just Alternative To in case you didn’t notice, and Shadowverse is an anime style CCG! Most of the characters range between cute to scary looking, and have decks that suit their character! Shadowverse is also a card game where you can evolve certain cards on the battlefield, like in “SolForge”.The board’s players play on are very pretty to check out; it’s much more animated than Hearthstone! Like Hearthstone (and a number of other games with this list), it is a game where the key objective is to drop your opponent’s hero-card health to zero. Like in Hearthstone, you will find ranks for achieving victories, except in “Shadowverse” you can’t be entirely kicked out of your tier for losing; though you are able to still lose rank. In the event that you fail, you are able to never go below a 0 rank in your letter tier category. If you want anime or Hearthstone you will want to combine both? Give it a shot!

 HEX: Shards of Fate

Customize your deck and play with the AI or Players online. Your goal is to get another person’s “Champion” by using cards; like in Hearthstone. This is an addictive card game where you trade cards, gain cards mostly by playing the game. Whenever you earn platinum, you have the option to get certain cards, but sometimes they’re overpriced. Unlike Hearthstone, there is nothing you can’t get in this game by just playing free of charge, you do not have to get a number of stuff; this makes the overall game very appealing to players that don’t want to drop a great deal of money on decks.

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