Best Sports Games Like Madden

Sports game have seen plenty of success in the gaming world. However, not many series have ever seen the success seen from the John Madden Football series. Releasing in 1988 on MS-DOS, there hasn’t been a single year that a John Madden title game didn’t release. It appears to be that there can never be an American football game series that might ever dethrone the legendary franchise set forth by John Madden. Though that doesn’t imply that there aren’t other great NFL related titles that folks can enjoy.

Similar Anime to Madden

NCAA Football 14

NCAA Football 14 developed by EA latest entry in the football game scene. Once again, players can take control of common college-based teams and head into the fray. Will you lead your team to victory? Are you able to take this year’s National Championship Trophy and claim it for your college? Learn in NCAA Football 14.

NFL Blitz (2012)

NFL Blitz 2012 returns with the aggressive arcade action of its predecessors. Once again players can take common teams and play a far more aggressive version of the NFL we all know and love. Don’t forget to slam into a quarterback or wide receiver as NFL Blitz 2012 won’t charge you for brutally tough gameplay. Play with a buddy on a single console or take your game online. If you were to think you realize tough American Football…think again.

NFL Head Coach

Are you tired of controlling the players of a group in normal NFL games? Wish to be the one making the plays and be responsible for leading a group to victory? Well, wait no more as NFL Head Coach will fulfill your dream. Make the playbooks, hire assistant coaches, and lead your team to victory. Make the proper decisions otherwise be fired in NFL Head Coach.

NFL Street

While NFL players may not in favor of each in professional games, they do play the activity for fun sometimes. This is the idea behind NFL Street. Players look at the streets in teams of 7, rocking everyday clothes, and play football without refs. Take your chosen players or create your own and get on the field! In NFL Street, you may also pick from a number of the legends of the NFL and play as them!

Blood Bowl (2009)

You’ve played actual life NFL titles but now it’s time for you to step into an illusion world in Blood Bowl. Rather than a regular game of football, players should go facing other creatures such as for instance orcs and even Minotaur. You can choose to play the overall game like a normal type of football game or ensure it is more RPG-like where players will level up, use skills and even roll dice to affect the flow of a game. Nothing is against the guidelines in Blood Bowl meaning you better be ready to get hit and hit hard. Now make your team and prepare for a life or death game of football!


The last installment in the ESPN NFL 2k5 series was easily one of the most similar titles to the Madden franchise. Players take a common NFL teams and lead them to victory via a whole season or singular games. Players may even make their own team with their own logo and try to check their mettle against the pros. Players will even play in first person mode to have the overall game from the eyes of the players on the field! Are you able to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy? Well, take your team and play your hardest in ESPN NFL 2K5.

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