Best Role-playing Games Like Fable

In 2004, gamers could be introduced to a spectacular RPG. This RPG would carry on for quite some time leading to many installments which were well received. While not everything promised from the developers and creator would seem in these games, the end result would still be an amazing one. That’s right Just Alternative To is speaking about the famous RPG series Fable which includes been certainly one of the most popular franchises since its conception. The Fable franchise has had numerous main titles release and several odd but interesting spin-off titles that have led it to be one of the most lucrative titles ever produced. Gamers everywhere would fall in deep love with Fable and run around do everything they may in the grand worlds set before them.

Similar Games to Fable

Jade Empire

As a martial arts student being trained by Master Li, you have found a pleased life training under his care. However, each time a surprise attack arises from the odd ghost-like beings your skills is put to the ultimate graduation test. Master Li explains this attack originated from the deadly Lotus Assassins led by way of a student that once trained under Master Li but was ejected after challenging him and losing. After this, you also learn that apparently you are actually from the legendary order known as the Spirit Monks and were saved before any harm could come to you. Following a few more events befall you, you must now venture by yourself journey to save lots of those near to you and end the Lotus Assassins once and for all.

 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

In Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, you play while the Fateless One. Despite having died, you’re brought back your as a result of Fomorous Hugues and his usage of the device called the Well of Souls. However, your return isn’t a simple one as you and Fomorous are attacked by Tuatha Deohn. Barely escaping, you learn something very interesting as you reenter the world. Being the Fateless One means you have no predetermined ending to your daily life and that gives you the ability to shape the fates of others in the world.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

For far too much time a bloody and constant war has been occurring involving the Mages and the Templar. Both parties have finally decided a big change was necessary and selected a peaceful meeting to hopefully end the war once and for all. However, throughout the proceedings, a sizable explosion rocks the meeting killing almost everyone but you in the meeting. Initially, you’re labeled as at fault before real culprit show’s their face via a peculiar portal appearing. Being the only one who has the capacity to close these portals, you must venture forth clearing your name to the entire world and stop this new menace before it grows too large.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The famous Witcher Geralt has finally finished his biggest task and has finally deserved some rest. However, as numerous Witchers can tell you, rest doesn’t come for his or her kind. Geralt’s old love Yennefer tells him that he has been summoned to generally meet the Emperor for an audience. When Geralt finally reaches the Emperor he’s tasked with a new assignment, Geralt must find Ciri who harbors within her being legendary elven powers that produce her a target for many who want power. Geralt rides off to seek out Ciri but little does the Witcher know this mission will be one of his true deadliest ever.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Your days of a standard village life are soon to be over. When The Dragon a legendary beast concerns your village it does something mystifying to you. Removing your heart, you are now known as The Arisen. Despite being heartless your soul and body continue living on and The Dragon tells you will never lead a standard life and soon you can reclaim your heart from it. Now as this new being you must occupy arms and travel the entire world to cultivate strong enough to hopefully kill The Dragon and reclaim your humanity.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

You’re a prisoner facing his end by the executioner’s ax. However, luckily or not, you are saved each time a large dragon appears and begins to attack everything in sight. Maneuvering to a city of Whiterun you face still another dragon but somehow are able to slay it gaining the dragon’s soul. The kingdom recognizes that you must be a Dragonborn and before long you learn that you’re needed to save lots of the entire world of Skyrim. Now, Dragonborn, arm yourself and set off into the entire world to save lots of the entire world along with your legendary powers.

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