Best Racing Games For Xbox One

Some of the greatest games on Xbox One would be the Racing games. Racing games will always be some of the very enjoyable games due to how well they bring people together. You can always bring together a number of your pals or family with a racing game because of the sheer competitive feeling most of these games illicit. There were a huge amount of racing games to attended out because the console has been created, but some of the greatest ones come out for the most recent generation of consoles. When making this list, there have been two things I considered in order for a game title to really make the cut.

Requirement for Speed Rivals

Requirement for Speed Rivals can be an open world racing game. It is manufactured by Ghost Games and could be the twentieth game to come out in the Requirement for Speed franchise. It was launched being an Xbox One launch title and has been well received by the racing game community. The overall game approaches the racing game genre slightly differently than what you’d expect, as you are able to either play as a racer or a cop. Regardless of which decision you make, the game may have a strategy for you to play through with a huge amount of awesome missions and upgrades.

Trackmania Turbo

Trackmania Turbo is just a racing game manufactured by Nadeo Games. It had been originally announced at E3 and is the initial game in the Trackmania franchise to come quickly to consoles since 2009. You can find over 200 unique tracks that occur in four different locations. The overall game has an emphasis on performing stunts and going extremely fast through intense tracks.

Dirt Rally

Dirt Rally is just a racing game published by Codemasters. The overall game arrived on the scene for Xbox One in December of 2015 and was an immediate success. The overall game focuses in on rally car racing, which will be focused on driving through rough terrain that does not have ovals. The overall game has several different modes of play which include timed modes, and free mode. You can drive through every one of the different tracks in a strategy sort of way and try and beat every one of the records which have been set.

F1 2016

F1 2016 (Formula One) is just a racing game that is manufactured by Codemasters. F1 racing is focused in on formula one racing, which an actual event that happens regularly through the entire United States. F1 2016 is known to be a reasonable version of racing and tries to be as real and true to the real experience as possible. There’s a whole career mode that enables players to simulate an actual Formula One racing professional and compete in ten full seasons, which will be an upgrade from the previous five in the earlier games.

Forza Horizon 3

Perhaps among the greatest racing series of all times, Forza can be an iconic series that depicts open world racing. The overall game is manufactured by Playground Games and is among the first games to feature cross-platform play involving the Xbox One and the Windows store. Forza has an open world feel which enables you to race around the globe searching for computers to race against. The campaign mode puts you against random computers and permits random encounters between you and them. There’s also an online mode which enables you to race against others in several different track settings.

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