Alternatives to Microsoft Teams App - Best Video Conferencing Applications

    For the students, people in business, and foreign people to have a secure videoconferencing with the communicates for their prospects, Microsoft Teams is the top best communicating platform. The user can manage his personal life affairs such as chat with friends, make plans, share shopping lists, and even locations to other people.

     The service offers a single hub when the user can stay connected all the time. Whether the user wants to chat one-on-one, group messages or make personal channels to communicate with the entire class, the app is best for all. HD audio and video calls make it preferable for meetings from anywhere. It allows the user to access the personal chats, documents, and files securely.

    Why Alternatives to Microsoft Teams?

    The most probable reason for the alternatives to Teams are as follows:

    • Friendly Interface
    • Microsoft Teams App
    • HD Video and Audio Calls
    • Group Chats
    • Public and Private Rooms
    • Custom Notifications
    • Secure Chats and Accessible Content

    Here are some of the same apps as Microsoft Teams that also has the features described earlier.


    It is a communication platform where you can chat with friends in groups and individually. The service offers you the channels that either be private or public. In Public channels, everything is like an open book where every single person can communicate top each other without the use of email or group texting.

    As a private channel user, you can make your texts and video calling secure from anyone else. The direct messages option allows you to send private messages to specific users up to nine people. It also offers an application programming interface to develop applications sending messages, notifications, etc.


    It is another communication platform that features videoconferencing and online chats through a peer-to-peer channel. Available for both Android and iOS, it is very simple to use, such as install the app, click on the New Meeting option, and invite up to 100 people to join you on video. Connect with anyone on android, tablets, Windows, Mac, Zoom Rooms, and telephones.

    The HD video quality and friendly interface are the all in one feature of ZOOM. Not only limited to video calling, but you can instantly send and receive messages, files, documents, and gifs. Unlike other communicating platforms, it also facilitates you with private and public rooms to either keep the chat secure or visible to every individual. Click Here for Alternatives to Zoom



    The best alternative to Teams is surely Rocket.Chat for communities to be in touch with their beloved persons. If you want to host a private channel for chats or video calls, then Rocket.Chat is best for you. It supports both video and audio calls with an easy interface and HD voice quality. Want to share files in bulk, no problem, select a series of contents and drop in the chat section.

    You can even pause the group chat if you have some important tasks to perform and resume after completing the task. Private and public rooms are available for users to make their chats visible or secure.


    Zulip is a communication service for the people that features group chats and open-source projects to be in touch with the favorite one. You can receive alerts and updates from your favorite services and see the persons in a group or contacts online. The advanced search operator helps you to fetch the history at a single click.

    It is a lightweight app where you can enjoy the private conversations with one-to-one or one-to-many as per desire. If you are not logged in the account, the app also receives the messages and notifies you.



    Element serves as an app like Teams, where you can interlink with the buddies through group conversations.  It features voice and video peer-to-peer and group chats where the data is end-to-end encrypted. During a video call, voice-over and screen sharing are the features for its uniqueness.

    It is a very easy integrating platform to be in touch with your favorite person. All the tasks are operated on Matrix that is an open network for secure messaging and communication. Moreover, it allows self-hosting to give users control of their data and messages. It also secures all your data, video and voice communication through cross-checked device authentication.