Top Games Like Motherload

Our games like Motherload list comprises of some fine gems that involve boring pathways deep into the floor, collecting stuff on the way and upgrading equipment. And if you ‘dig’titles that simply ooze with all these features, you’ll surely want to test each one of many delights strewn across here. Now if you’ve just heard about the name and wondering what all the fuss is about well, the title lets you use your keyboard buttons to dig deep underground and acquire precious minerals during your descent. And once you’ve acquired a substantial number of ores, you can head back once again to the outer lining and sell them to be able to purchase upgrades. Sound interesting? Well, read on.

7 Games Like Motherload

  1. Terraria

‘Dig, fight, explore, build’is the call to arms here. This action-packed title enables you to dive to the deep crevasses within the earth to be able to mine money, accessories and other things such as stone, wood, ores and other similar resources that will just come in handy while creating your unique universe.

  1. Miner Dig Deep

This platformer/mining simulator in our games just like Motherload roster is fashioned just for the Xbox 360 console. The captivating title was published for Microsoft enthusiasts in early 2009 via the Xbox Live indie games section. Here you’re called on to dig deep underground and find grand treasures amidst the dirt, grim and soil.

  1. Minecraft Pocket Edition

Once you talk about titles that involve mining, just how can one possibly leave this specific gem out from the compilation? Here you’re required to place different kinds of blocks strategically to be able to form different structures. This portable edition comes full of survival and creative modes along with a multiplayer option via local Wi-Fi. What’s more, you along along with your pals can produce different items within the randomly generated worlds.

  1. Gem Miner: Dig Deeper

Get set to explore the vast underground confines to be able to lay your practical metals, ores and precious gems. And once you’ve gotten hold of your treasures, you can sell them to get upgrades that may aid one to go even deeper to the earth’s crust. Including buying lifts and better gear, torches, ladders and supports.

  1. Utopian Mining

Here you take on the role of a mining robot that’s tasked with drilling into the earth to locate iron, coal, wolfram, gold, ruby, smaragd and diamonds. These latest finds of yours will then be redeemed for the money and better hardware from the stores on the surface.

  1. I Dig It

The storyline here revolves around farmer Lewis who transforms his bulldozer right into a high-tech digging machine. You’re required to aid him in finding a lot more than 60 items which he is able to sell and earn some profits so that he can save his farm by paying the mortgage. Besides a strategy mode, the iOS application also features 8 mini-game challenge matches along with an open-ended free play mode.

  1. Mega Miner

The aim of the contender in our games just like Motherload roundup is simple – mine minerals and trade them set for money. The browser-based title is packed to the hilt with various fun missions which enable you to earn tons of cash.

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