6 Online Video Trends You Should Know In 2022

Video marketing is one of the most effective methods to engage in the digital environment with contemporary consumers. Videos have become the most popular and desired content format on almost all internet sites.

For any successful business and organization, video marketing in 2021 is crucial. We prefer to watch videos everywhere, from news feeds to social media and publications, because they are good at transferring information more quickly and efficiently. Marketers may utilize video marketing power in 2021 to encourage audience participation and boost conversions. Here we speak about the six biggest and most interesting video marketing trends that will rule in 2021.

6 Online Video Marketing Trends in 2022

Consumers watch more and more videos in today’s digital era. To guarantee that you reach your target audience as much as possible, it is essential that you have an impactful video marketing strategy that adheres to the latest trends. It’s not enough to just produce video after video using a video editor. You must also grasp what, how and why video marketing involves knowledge of current video trends. Let’s begin with the top trends in video marketing that will rule 2021.

1. Animated Explainer Video Clips

Animation has long been one of the best techniques in marketing. With video social media giants like YouTube or TikTok continuously gaining popularity, we simply cannot ignore video marketing trends. Among the major 2021 video marketing trends, we anticipate animated videos to become more popular. Even today, many businesses worldwide utilize animated films to artistically advertise their goods and services, instruct clients on how to use them, recruit new workers, and for hundreds of other corporate and marketing objectives.

We expect to see even more advantages from animated explainer video clips for companies across all sectors.

2. Live Streaming will pick up Steam

Although live video streaming was previously popular, it also gained traction in 2021. We cannot overlook Twitch TV’s enormous ability to promote live video streaming as the most engaging method to connect with the public. It began as a game broadcast on Twitch. Even though it has gained appeal among musical artists, podcasters, and even yoga instructors!

People love to engage with influencers in real-time which has led live streaming to become one of the main 2021 video trends. During the coronavirus lockdown, it became even more prevalent when everyone was forced to stay at home and looking for alternative ways of engagement.

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3. More Demand for 360 Videos

Various video trends come and go quickly, and we’ll witness the growth of 360-degree videos in the year 2021. Many businesses utilize films to promote their goods and services. Modern technologies nevertheless give us an even more immersive means of introducing products and services.

You generate the sense that before buying a product, consumers test it. 360-degree films are a new consumer visual experience, enabling businesses to gain loyalty. 98% of customers believe that 360-degree videos are more interesting than other video formats.

4. One-click buy Videos will Gain Prominence

Another major trend in 2021 for video marketing is shopping videos. They enable customers to purchase goods on-site. These clips contain a button that leads viewers to a store where they can easily shop for the product in just one or two clicks. Shoppable videos are mostly utilized on social media, making it one of the largest markets on the web. For any business, this kind of video content in 2021 is a necessity.

Following your video ad, people don’t have to look for the product manually. You may now just click on the product in the video to redirect to the landing page. Shopping video marketing in 2021 is an amazing technique that should be tested to increase your sales.

5. Narrative Building through Videos

People are interested in tales that seem true and reliable. Long video marketing narrative gives a sense of “realism” and confidence to videos. Long video advertisements are becoming more popular and extensively utilized. Big companies like Subaru, Toyota and Adidas, and others create ads like short movies that bring ordinary people’s narratives to the table and demonstrate how the brand can assist everyone in their everyday life.

Such video advertising is less commercial and more interesting since it’s usually more about consumers than about goods. It is one of the developments in the video business that may assist your audience and potential consumers acquire greater confidence.

6. Vlogging will be Highly Popular

Vlogging becomes one of the most popular methods for a target audience to engage. We have seen the trend of personal vlogging before. People loved to record their lives in short videos to offer their knowledge, engage or speak to others.  Today, however, large influencers and even major companies use vlogging to connect with their clients too.

Companies establish their YouTube channels in which they offer their daily routine, team members’ tales, secret recipes and circumstances behind the scenes, and, of course, updates about their new goods or services. Some companies also mix vlogging with “executive” influencer marketing. It implies that brand leaders behave like influencers and post films, in which they offer their advice and personal experiences with their followers, gently boosting the brand at the same time.

Among all the video production trends of 2021, this one appears the most genuine and connected to the company’s audience. It demonstrates that ordinary individuals like us are behind companies and brands, and everyone can connect to them.


Here is an overview of the biggest and most interesting trends in 2021. Animated videos, live video streaming, 360° videos, shoppable videos, lengthy video narrative telling, vlogging combined with influencer marketing – all these trends will soon rule our screens. We hope that this post inspires you to reconsider your digital marketing approach, integrate these trends and enjoy increased customer engagement metrics.