6 BeeThink IP Blocker Alternatives

BeeThink IP Blocker is a peerblock alternative that can block certain IP addresses from accessing your computer. It features better IP blocking and unblocking as compared to other software in the league. Apply advanced filters such as ports, protocols, IP addresses, and TCP/IP factors, etc. to search for relevant data from the list of all the available addresses. Upload a file with the .htaccess extension to update the list of IPs.  

 It can run an IP blocker as a Window service making it an effective tool and lets you create exceptional rules for some hard to block IP addresses. You only need to select categories of IP addresses once and it will update them from time to time to increase the accuracy of blocking.


  • Block a complete range of IP addresses
  • Add IP addresses to the white list
  • Block IP addresses from a specific country
  • Keyboard shortcuts to perform tasks

Alternatives to BeeThink IP Blocker

1. PeerBlock

Are you in search of a firewall program to block all that annoying traffic from a certain IP address? If yes then PeerBlock can get this done for you as it can automatically block outgoing and incoming traffic from a pre-designated list of IP address in a matter of seconds. After the first installation, configure the software

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2. Simplewall

Simplewall is an open-source firewall software through which you can filter content from the internet and manage the bandwidth of your internet connection. It gives you a complete report so you can keep an eye on your activity on the internet to make some changes according to your needs. It doesn’t limit you to just blocking IPv4

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3. PeerGuardian

PeerGuardian can block connections from hosts by letting you add them to a blacklist so you never see anything from that IP address ever again until you remove it from the blacklist by yourself. When you use peer to peer services, the software targets all the aggressive IP addresses on your internet connection. You can temporarily unblock

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4. IPlist

IPlist is a command-line utility that can block a complete range of IP addresses by using the Net filter as the primary filter to search for a bad address. It is a PeerBlock alternative with the option to add a specific IP address to the whitelist and start getting traffic from it. You can view the current

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5. PureVPN

PureVPN is a VPN app available for Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems through which you can use a server of a different country to surf on the internet without worrying about any third party sites tracking your location and other data. It features more than 500 different proxy servers from more than 145 different countries from

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6. IPVanish

IPVanish is a VPN provider and PeerBlock alternative that can help you in protecting your private data from privacy threats over the internet by encrypting it before sending it over the internet. If you can’t access a website because your IP address is blacklisted or the site is banned in your country, use a proxy server to

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